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The Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group offers area writers (and prospective writers) of all genre a place to better their craft, learn the options of publishing their work, gain valuable constructive critique on their work in progress, and form strong personal relationships with other writers in a safe, supportive environment.

The Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group was founded in 2013 is facilitated by Gary Zenker, founder and facilitator of the Main Line Writers Group in King of Prussia, PA, founded in 2009. The Wilmington-Chadds Ford group offers monthly programming and critique meetings, plus other special sessions. Programming has included presentations from published authors in multiple genre sharing their experiences and steps for success, live reading sessions, sessions on writing skills and a bi-monthly critique.

The Wilmington-Chadds Fords Writers Group meets on the second Monday of the month at McKenzie's Brew House in Glen Mills, PA. Yeah, I know the irony of holding the Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group in PA, but honestly, a great meeting room is hard to find. Think of it as north-north Wilmington.

Whether you have multiple books already published or you are working on a flash fiction piece, I believe the group will be one of the best investments you can make in your own writing efforts. I hope you will join and share with your fellow writers.

The group is a membership-based group. Annual membership to our group is $50 ($55 by credit card). That's less than $5 a meeting. That money goes toward the expenses of running the group including buying meals for guest speakers on months when we have them, the Meetup system (which is free to you but costs the organizers an annual fee), our loudspeaker system, name tags and printing, website hosting, signage and other group-related expenses. That doesn't even include the time and effort to make all the meetings happen. You can attend one meeting to try us out before joining for $10 ($12 for credit card). If you decide to join that evening, I'll credit the $10/$12 toward your annual membership cost. If you don't join that evening, you will need to pay the full membership fee or another monthly meeting fee at your next attendance. Please bring exact payment and take care of this detail before the meeting begins. Your contribution ensures that we can continue to operate for all who want to attend.

Also note that buying a meal is part of the cost of getting the great meeting room we have. Closed off, private meeting rooms aren't free. A restaurant sometimes offers them without charge when people buy meals. Renting a room can be $100 to $200 an evening, which would increase the cost of the membership astronomically without the benefit of food. You are required to buy your meal for the evening. No exceptions. I can't put our room at risk for the group because one or two people don't want to pay for a meal.

We are proud of the group and the quality of programming that we run. We've never set a limit on the number of people who could attend. We've never (yet) turned someone away because we couldn't make room or because they showed up without an RSVP. We screen all presenters before they are scheduled. As other groups have closed and disappeared, we have remained strong, committed to the group goals and giving members a valuable experience each and every month. Read the reviews.

Finally, what we offer is more than a group: it is a community. The people you meet will hopefully support you in your efforts to becoming a better writer. To get that support, you also need to offer it to others. That support can be shown in many ways: by helping with critique outside the confines of the monthly meetings, by reading and positively reviewing other members' books, by sharing information, tool and techniques that assist writers, by providing feedback as requested by authors...or other things that you will discover by talking with and listening to your peers. Like most things in life, what you get out of the group is proportional to what you put into it.

Trust is a key component and core value of the group. Writers are presenting their work in various stages of development to get feedback and direction for moving forward. As such, concepts presented and discussions on work-in-progress should not be shared by participating group members with anyone outside the members who had the discussion. Nor should participants view another author's work as an opportunity to use for their own work. While ideas themselves cannot be copyrighted, violating the trust within the group means that writers will no longer feel safe bringing their work to critique and rob the group of it's core goal and power to help authors. Mutual respect is important for a successful group where are get value from it.

A few Meetup details. Up until now, everything sounded friendly, right? It's meant to be. I hate having to put this in here but it is apparently necessary.

• I offer my time to run the group and the events. I cannot and will not dedicate the time to teaching you how to use Meetup, manage your email settings, etc. Please take responsibility for your own account.

• YOU control YOUR Meetup Account. You can opt in and out of emailing, the type and frequency of mailings, etc. I send one type of mailing through the list: global, to all members. The only other thing I will do as necessary is ban members who prove disruptive, act in ways that erode the group trust, or use the group as their personal marketing/sales goals.

• YOU control payment parameters for meetings and membership in the group. If it is available, you can generate payments online to pay for the membership. You can also opt for recurring payment. I don't control any of that. I don't offer refunds on memberships paid. I don't get involved with resolving disputes with the payment system. realize that to accept electronic payment, I pay a fee to the service and it is pretty high. When offered, it is for your convenience.


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December 9 - Monday - Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group - Critique

December Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group - Critique - Monday, December 9, 2019. The December Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group meeting is Critique Night! Get constructive feedback on your current writing projects by other members of the group. You don't have to bring anything to the group if you don't wish to do so. You can participate by offering feedback on those who do bring pieces for critique and are welcomed to do so. You will also learn a lot just from the critique of other people's work. Critique offers honest, constructive feedback for authors. If you do wish to have a piece critiqued, please follow these guidelines: • Bring a piece or excerpt approximately 5-6 pages long. • Please bring eight copies, double spaced and typed. • Place the title and the page number on each page. We need to break into smaller groups to ensure that all pieces get a reasonable amount of time for reading and reviewing. The number of groups is dependent on the number of authors who bring pieces for critique Our meeting place is McKenzie’s Brew House, 451 Wilmington-West Chester Pike in Glen Mills PA just north of the Delaware/PA border. The meeting officially starts at 7:00 pm but many of us come early (around 6:30 pm) to eat and socialize a bit - but you can order your meal at any time during the meeting. They are seating us in an area which should be good for creating a closeness and offer us some seclusion. Just a reminder that you can order a scrumptious meal at McKenzie’s Brew House off their extensive menu. We don't get charged for the great room, but McKenzie’s does have the expectation that attendees will order a meal. It is a fair expectation and the meals are reasonably priced. To be clear: you are expected to order your meal that evening. Mark your calendar for every second Monday of the month. Feel free to tell others and bring a friend or two. This is a membership-based group. After you attend and try us out, we ask that if you find the group of value and want to continue, you help with the costs of running the group. The costs of the group include the fee I pay for Meetup (it's free to you for use but I pay a hefty administrative fee), the web site hosting and buying meals for guest speakers, handouts, fliers, batteries for the microphone, etc. etc. YOUR FIRST MEETING IS $10 AND A TRIAL TO SEE IF YOU FIND IT A FIT! If you do opt to attend after the sample meeting, we expect you to join as a paying member for an annual dues of $50. If you pay that evening, you'll get credit for the $10 meeting fee for the evening toward your annual dues. Thank you! This is a sister group of the Main Line Writers Group, held the third Wednesday of the month in King of Prussia. You can check it out and see what people think of it! http://www.meetup.com/Main-Line-Writers We are all looking forward to seeing you! Gary As usual, any questions, please contact me, Gary Zenker, at[masked] or [masked]. We are all looking forward to seeing you there.

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