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In the Wilmington NC Grief Support Group you'll be surrounding by people who won't look away and they won't ask you to change either. You'll find acceptance, no matter where you are in your grief. We want to provide a safe space for people to honor their grief and the one's they've lost . You've found a place where your grief is entirely welcome. The thing is pain, like love, needs expression. Whether the people in your life want to hear it or not, you have truth that needs to be shared. Whether the grief you carry is from a death or another of the many other losses we sustain in life, we are here for you. Come share what is true for you without fear of correction, judgement, or false comfort. Acknowledgment of the truth is a relief and it heals something in us. This group is for anyone struggling with grief of any kind-loss of family, friends, pet companion, job, housing , marriage, kids, disease, finances. All are welcome.

Join us every Thursday at 7:pm EST on zoom.com https://uncw.zoom.us/j/4971000105

I would like to invite you to go to Wilmington NC Grief Support Group on Facebook and join the group. You can post, have live chats, share about your journey through grief and encourage others. There you will find others who may have the same type of loss as yourself. You can put in your member request and we can approve you. This is a great forum to connect with others who are struggling with grief. Thank you for your continued interest in our group. I know it is hard to talk about our grief sometimes. I promise, you will be met with open arms. Your sharing will only encourage others to do the same. Have a wonderful week and hang in there

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Welcome Back Madison Eshelman To The Wilmington NC Grief Support Group

Join the Wilmington NC Grief Support Group as we welcome Madison Eshelman on Thursday, September 23rd at 7:PM on Zoom.
Madison Eshelman is the founder of Grief and Groundwork; a depression, anxiety, and grief coaching program. Madison uses her degree in psychology and 10+ years as a social worker but more importantly her own grief and mental health journey to coach others. Madison coaches from the standpoint that although grief is not something to be “healed,” it is something that must be nurtured. In a society that teaches us to numb and avoid our feelings, Madison’s passion is to walk along with people in their grief journey to explore, nurture, and understand our wounds. Madison works virtual with clients all over the world, teaching grieving individuals how leaning towards our grief is actually the way we find peace.

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