What we're about

A Spiritual and Holistic community of Wimmin leaving the Matrix and reconnecting deeply within ourselves, returning to our soul, and our soul's journey.

We are trans-gender and non-transgender women and other gender non-conforming folks of any and all orientations (lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, straight, queer, etc) learning about and sharing in Personal growth and holistic culture and community. We are engaged in healing, growing and creating our right life, healthy culture, friends and family of choice.

In our culture, we are conditioned and programmed from birth with the script of the dominators of our culture. In this community we bond, grow, learn, unlearn, celebrate life. As a result of our conditioning from our society and our biological families, we act in ways and create a life that is counter to our own and our collective benefit. Through presentations, instruction, practices, video, creative expression, group exercises, healing practices, love, play, and emotion in safe created space, we will allow our spirit, our soul, our minds and our physical body to return to our essential state (to our essence) in connection to all (rather than in isolation).
When we speak of personal growth we are creating a life that is
- More and more Conscious
-Living a life toward Meaning
- being Considerate of the effects our thoughts, emotions, choices and actions have on ourselves, others, the world
-Acknowledging the connection between ourselves and everything everyone and everything that appears not us
We are a group committed to taking an intentional journey of growth together, waking up, bonding, learning to love, making deep connection, real community, calling on one another, celebrating together and becoming a community.
Our Community Home is "Demeter's Magical Sanctuary": Healing rooms, educational center, nature retreat, holistic and spiritual lifestyle learning, community. This community is for all those who self define as women. If you do not accept transgender, gender fluid or gender variant women, please do not attend our events. If you are open to all self defining women, even if you do not understand, then your inclusion is a possibility.
A phone conversation is required before a person attends their first event with us and no location will be posted online
Also available: healing and awakening work, counseling, coaching and spiritual development sessions, apprenticing sensitives and healers,.
We reserve the right to remove any participant from our groups at our discretion.
To talk about this group you may reach us at 510-830-5836.
Event space is a home retreat surrounded by redwoods and other trees. It is a large home with large rooms, a huge private back, pool for watsu and water dance, hot tub, a large redwood deck and a 2nd floor deck.
Who is Demeter? Demeter is a female figure ubiquitous in cultures around the world. She creates safe space for all. She is the protector of those harmed or who would be harmed. She assists those on a difficult journey. She helps heal those who have been harmed. She also symbolizes the cycle of life and the hope of rebirth. Demeter gives hope to the rising of the soul and of a return to our souls journey when we stray off our truer path.
Chriss is a two-spirit, lifelong healer, teacher, mystic, culture healer and holistic culture shaper. Their gender shifts like the wind, and Their spirit rises like the soul. They teach, run groups, give private healing sessions, counsel and life-coach and have given apprenticeship over 10 years. Testimonials provided on request.
Interested parties must call to discuss. There will be no drop-ins.
No shows get pushed to the bottom of future events and may be on a waiting list.
Decorum and agreements:
Respect for oneself and others. Consideration of others. Do what is true and right for oneself and do right by others. Camaraderie, support, love, growth and connection and community are our goals. We look to build someone up not tear them down. We will discuss shadow (or unhealthy patterns), but in a loving supportive manner, and we will practice healthy patterns. Personal antagonistic attack will not be tolerated. Each one teach one. Humility allows growth, defensiveness prevents it. Change is life and life is change. Embrace change and the ride may be more enjoyable. Flexibility allows more peace. A grateful heart may allow peace and happiness. Awareness of feelings allows choice instead of reaction.

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