An award-winner's MR Journey and The Road Ahead - Guest Speaker: Lucas Rizzotto


XR Creator Lucas Rizzotto ( his journey in the MR space from zero coding experience to the multiple projects he completed, both personal and for enterprise clients. In this talk he'll discuss his creative process, his transition into working with the technology full time, the state of the industry today and what we should expect in the years ahead.

MyLab ( - winner of Windows Developer Award
Reality Mixer of the Year (2017)

Lucas Rizzotto is an award-winning XR creator, writer and speaker with years of experience designing various types of digital experiences. Having recently left the mobile industry, he deep dived into the world of immersive technologies where he is developing a number of VR/MR applications for startups, enterprise and film festivals. His career goal is to reinvent our relationship with technology, making it human-centric and completely invisible.

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