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We will be hosting talks by Internationally renowned explorers such as Inge Solheim & the Director of ALC (Antarctic Logistics) and others in Winchester & London, with a view to flying small groups to Antarctica via Chile or South Africa for a weeks stay at either Union Glacier or Oasis Research Base in Antarctica.

Entrance to talks is free - including refreshments of wine & snacks.

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Talk on Antarctica by Inge Solheim
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We will be hosting a talk on Antarctica by a leading Polar explorer Inge Solheim Inge's Web Site (http://ingesolheim.com/) where you will be able to see some exclusive pictures and listen to unique commentary on this pristine environment.

Talk will be free as will Wine and other refreshments.

The talk will allow you to meet others interested in Antarctica and we will be flying small groups of people down from either South Africa or Chile.

Date and time to be announced.

Fly From Cape Town to Antarctica December 2017

This is a chance to visit Antarctica in Style.
We are looking to take a small group of Explorers to Oasis at Novo Research Base flying from Cape Town, South Africa.
This two week trip will start in Cape Town where we will stay at the Water Front while preparing to fly to Antarctica where we will be staying at the Oasis in wooden heated Chalets.
Novo Research station is possibly the most comfortable place in Antarctica apart from McMurdo, but with much better views...
From there we have a number of possible trips planned to the Penguin colony, Holtana Peak, Untersea Lake and the South Pole.
Other trips around the base will be available.
I have travelled to Antarctica twice and Oasis is by far the nicest place to stay.
No Polar training is required.

More Information at www.polardestinations.com (http://www.polardestinations.com/)

Video of the landing at Novo Airstrip Antarctica on one of our trips, the reflective area's are actually sheer ice not water.


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