What we're about

What we're about
Welcome to our parents group!

Calling parents with children age 0 to 12 years old in effort to meeting up for fun playdates and expanding our kids social entourage and ours as well!

Parents that joins this group are interested in meeting other parents in the area, attending fun playdates with their children, we will have the opportunity to interact and mingle with other parents while their little princesses or their little superheroes enjoy cool playdates that are both fun for parents and their children. Parents or a caregiver are expected to accompany their child(ren) on every playdate.

In addition to scheduling fun playdates where parents and their children can meetup with other parents and their children within the same age range for fun playdates and exciting outings such as going to the parks, amusement parks, museums, picnics, carnivals, volunteering with the kids In nursing home, hospitals and etc,. We also want to have parents night out, cooking/craft nights and other grown up fun, that can be hosted by any member of the group, our vision is to expand both parents and kids social circle and built meaningful friendships.

Parents are responsible for any cost for their child(rens) playdate and/or outings

Past events (2)

Family farm nights

Wright Locke Farm

Feast of the East in Arlington,ma

Capitol Square - East Arlington

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