What we're about

Wind Sisters of South Florida are individual women motorcycle riders (any brand motorcycle) who enjoy getting together and sharing our passion for riding when our schedules allow. We welcome men to our group who share their ride/riding with a significant other. We love connecting with riders in our area who are available for rides, beginners all the way to advanced. We're like minded, we ride safe and sober, and respect the rules of the road. When you participate in a ride, you agree to ride at your own risk. And agree that you are a fully licensed and insured rider. You are welcome to set up ride's (contact Organizer) or just partake in one that is presently scheduled.

We also have a page on Facebook that you are more than welcome to join - you must send a request via Facebook. It is a private group and you can search for it with the following: Wind Sisters of South Florida

Thank you and I hope you will join us!

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