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Windows 8 App Tips, Tricks & Experts: Free Pizza & Prizes! Welcome all levels.

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Please plan to attend our December meeting and show your support for the Boston Windows 8 app developer community.

Windows 8 App Rockstar Event - Free Pizza and Giveaways*! Thank you Xamarin

*Everyone attending will win a Syncfusion Essential Studio for WinRT ($99 dollar value).

Learn from folks that have done it already! You will leave this meeting with advice that will save you time and improve your Windows 8 app.

Thank you for making us the #1 Windows 8 app developer group on the East Coast!

At this meeting you will hear from folks that have built Windows 8 apps already. They'll tell you how they did it with tips and secrets you should know. Ask questions and get answers.

You'll also hear about the latest Windows 8 app development tips. Learn about converting iOS and Android apps to Windows 8 store apps. Learn about creating Windows 8 phone apps.

6 PM to 7PM
- Eat Pizza (sponsored by Xamarin), Meet W8 app developers, demo your W8 tablet, demo your W8 app while we eat and talk to other members - Members will demo their W8 apps and give tips to success. (10 mins each)

- Microsoft Azure update – (5 slides in 10 minutes) by Jim Oneil, Tech Evangelist for Microsoft Boston ( )

- Windows Phone Info

- Give away stuff

- Mike Bluestein from Xamarin (Mono/Mono Touch) with Q & A

Windows 8 apps to/from iOS and Android apps

- He'll introduce how to create native iOS and Android applications in C# with the Xamarin platform. He'll demonstrate Xamarin's iOS and Android products and explain how they work to expose native APIs to the C# language, as well as discuss cross-platform, code reuse strategies."

- Give away Free Xamarin licenses will be given away.

- Windows 8 UI/UX Design Topics with Q & A
- You’ll hear from some Windows 8 app industry experts

- Give away some swag, more licenses ($$), books and Windows 8 stuff

- Windows 8 app development panel experts

- Game Salad; Windows 8 App development for non-developers

- W8 UI/UX design workshop

- Windows 8 phone Q & A

- Q & A with Windows 8 app dev experts. Talk to Microsoft. Get answers to you Windows 8 app questions.

More event content to be announced -


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