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We have started a fun Mahjong group here American style on the Windward side. (We use the National Mah Jongg League Standard Hands.) I have one Mahjong set and 2 folding bridge tables with chairs. We decided to learn & play American Mahjong. (We do not play any of the Chinese versions.) I have room for more tables. We also can rotate hosting if anyone volunteers.

As is usual with regular mahjong groups, we need at least 4 so we don’t have to cancel if one cannot make it. We’ll rotate who sits out if more than 4 or start another table if enough players. And I have MANY other games for who sits out. I know how to play with only 3. (The only difference for 3 players is the Charleston.)
I’m planning to schedule this as a weekly meetup, at least while we're all learning. I'll try a few weekday nights to see what works best for everyone.
I’ll send my address to the RSVPs the day before we meet. (We are NOT currently doing a pot luck.)

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Group Hiatus / Online learning opportunity


Note - This is a temporary notification for current, past, and future members and not an event.

I had been holding off on in-person events due to the Covid pandemic. I was about to start events again just as the Delta variant started spreading here in Hawaiʻi. I am again waiting for the numbers to come down, so we can safely start again.

I may be able to teach a few beginners how to play American Mahjongg via Zoom in about another week. Please message me with your email address if you are interested in that so I can send some files to you.

I will keep pushing this event forward until the numbers come down to a safe level.
Please contact me if any questions.

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