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Wine, Dine & Sunshine provides experiences for all types of tastes and those adventurous to try it all. As our name implies, we'll have events for foodies, seekers of adult beverages, and outdoor activities. Future events can include brunches, happy hours, food & beverage pairings, festivals, sporting activities, camping, and much more! Best of all, Wine, Dine & Sunshine will do its best to arrange events that provide you with deals and discounts! Our group offers something for everyone and sometimes everything for someone.

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Annual Meetup.com Summer Monthly Festivals #4 - Ft Lauderdale

Gulf Stream Brewing Company

Join us in our collaboration of 10+ Meetup groups to bring you the best time you'll have in 2020! We’re flipping the entire concept of festivals by giving you a unique, creative, curated experience. All included in your price, you’ll receive 3 food courses prepared by Chef Magaddino, an Oktoberfest theme, and enjoy a variety of delicious beers from 6-10 brewers, as well as a wine, alcoholic coffee, and other adult beverage alongside 5+ fun, shopping vendors. We’ve taken the former VIP tickets from the previous structure and now we’re giving every single person all of the VIP perks. This is the best, most fun thing you’ll be able to do for Oktoberfest so grab your tickets now because they are limited! TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/96350435747 This event will sell out because (1) it’s extremely limited and once it sells out that’s it, (2) this is the best event you’ve seen in the last 4 months all while keeping you safe while enjoying some incredible adult beverages, and (3) everyone’s a VIP with your own designated tent space as everything will be brought to you to enjoy. FORMAT Unlike other beer festivals where you move around from tent to tent, at our Curated Craft Carousel, you’ll be seated under a tent and everything will be brought to you. One brewer at a time will come around and pour you one or two of their beers. It’s possible that some brewers may talk to you about their beers either on a microphone or by walking around the tables. Due to these uncertain times, it’s hard to be sure of anything, but our hope is to provide you with live music, 6-8 brewers that will come to your tent/table one-at-a-time as well as samples from our wine, alcoholic coffee, and another adult beverage. We’ll have some amazing shopping vendors set up too and they can also visit your tent/table area for your convenience. HOW IT WORKS You will not be purchasing individual tickets. This is a very limited, exclusive event so there will only be a maximum of 20 tents. You are paying for the tent space and the price will be the same whether you have one person or six people (that’s the maximum) under the tent. Once you purchase your tent ticket, then you’ll decide who you want to attend with and once you sit down under the tent, you’ll be all set for the rest of the event. Once all 20 tents are sold then the event will be sold out. You will have two sessions to choose from. WHAT YOU’LL GET *Complimentary welcome beer from Gulfstream Brewery *Currently 8 beer vendors that will be serving you’re their beers one at a time *Samples of a wine, an alcoholic coffee, and another adult beverage *Three Courses of Food *Shopping Vendors *Lawn Games *Vote for the Best Homebrewer *AFTER the event, keep your wristband on, go to Craft Beer Cellar for a Buy-One-Get-One-Free beer and/or LauderAle Brewery for a Buy-One-Get-One-50% Off SAFETY Safety is our number one priority and we want to make sure you are willing to comply with all safety measure before purchasing your ticket. You will arrive wearing a mask and you will keep wearing that mask until you are seated under your tent. Under the tent you do not need the mask. However, if you get up for any reason, or go to the bathroom, then you will need to wear your mask. This event is in compliance with all rules to keep us safe such as *maximum of 6 people at each tent *a limit of only 20 tents and your choice of one of two sessions to limit people *limited movement as you'll sit and relax at one spot *everyone will wear a mask except for when they are under the tent *hand sanitizer at the door We would love for you to purchase a ticket and enjoy this curated experience, but if you do not feel that you can follow the safety rules then please consider attending something else. Please do not drink and drive after the event. If you have never signed up for Uber then get a FREE ride by using this link: https://get.uber.com/invite/stuarts566ue

South Beach Bar Crawl

The Abbey Brewing Company

After five years of hosting bar crawls we're finally throwing our first one in South Beach! Enjoy the South Beach Bar scene with a fun crawl visiting five locations and receiving a BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) at each stop. All other purchases will be on your own tab and please remember to tip generously to your beertenders. Get your tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/south-beach-bar-crawl-tickets-83415462895 TICKETS: We'll begin the South Beach Crawl at 3 PM at The Abbey Brewery. For those of you looking to eat, we'll have plenty of food options at our 2nd stop. We will be visiting and receiving a BOGO at: The Abbey Brewing Yard House Repour Lost Weekend Kill Your Idol You may also purchase a COMBO TICKET. In addition to giving you full access to this Crawl, you will also receive a SFLHops Rewards Card at a savings of over 40% over buying it separately. Your Rewards Card will give you discounts to 60+ beer venues (including 35+ breweries!!) for an entire year. Check out all the participating venues and deals at: http://www.sflhops.com/rewards-membership/ We do this Crawl TOGETHER. That means we'll start at the same place at the same time and leave each place together and arrive together at specific times. All the venues are in walking distance and we will walk together from one venue to the next. If you have never signed up for Uber then get a FREE ride by using this link: https://get.uber.com/invite/stuarts566ue Otherwise plan for carpooling

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