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This wine tasting group is dedicated to blind-tasting high-end red wines at shared cost in an elegant and relaxed dinner setting, for everyone in San Diego and surroundings who likes wine, wants to learn more and wishes to meet like-minded friends and knowledgeable wine drinkers. The group organizer holds a sommelier certification. Unlike other 'wine' groups, all events will be dedicated to an intense assessment of top wines at the lowest cost possible.

Our group is for: Beginning wine drinkers, experienced wine connoisseurs and collectors, wine professionals, wine educators, wine makers, casual wine drinkers, and gourmets.


The Wine Elite Society is a subsidiary of http://www.WineElite.org

Benefits of being an active member:

- There is no group membership fee or any other obligation, besides that you don't flake when you sign up for a session

- We buy the properly aged wines from specialized high-end wine stores, often at discount - Due to the above, we can buy exceptional wines as a group and you won't find a cheaper way to taste generous 2+ ounce pours of each wine

- It's quite common for us to taste wines that are worth $150+ and are highly rated

- We have knowledgeable group organizers (certified sommeliers) that make every tasting highly educational and entertaining

- You will learn the backstory of each wine and region we cover - several of our partner restaurants have multi-star chefs that provide 4-course food pairings with our structured wine tasting

- You will very quickly start to learn more about global wine grapes, regions and producers - Also the seasoned wine drinkers are not disappointed by our group. Our blind-tasting format challenges everyone

- We don't show you a lot of California wines you already know. We go European and Southern Hemisphere in 90% of our session, tasting wines that you would otherwise never know about - our group sessions allow for networking with quality people - the only topic in all our sessions is simply wine, wine, wine, wine

- The Wine Elite Society is the most reliable wine club in California. We are in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Join us.

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