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First Impressions Party - Ages 29-44
Only 10 spots available for this event. $20 in advance only - Please prepay here Has this happened to you? *You walk out of an interview thinking, "Yes! Nailed it!" only to hear you didn't get the job. *Someone tells you they've had a crush on you forever and you had no idea. *You float home from a first date thinking you met someone with potential, then get the text/email from them saying they didn't think you were a good fit. *You're the person people gravitate to at a party or social gathering. Want to know why? Well, we can't guarantee this event will have all the answers, but you'll get enough feedback to get a reasonably good idea what kind of first impression you make and why people are drawn to/seem to avoid you. Think of this party as one part happy hour and one part social experiment. ADMISSION INCLUDES: Ice Breaker/Visa Gift Card Prizes Appetizers Host Fee Supplies Here's how it will work: You'll check-in and enjoy some appetizers, be assigned a number, and mingle. Your host will distribute sheets for you to fill out. On the sheets will be prompts that you will answer Yes or No. (i.e. On a scale of 1-10, how easy was it to make conversation with this person and why?) Once the five minutes are up, your partner will move to another table. For each five minute round, one set of numbers will move, the other set will stay seated. You won't be asked to fill out sheets while in the presence of the person you're assessing. You will never be asked to include your name on the sheet of the person you are assessing. The assessment will be anonymous. You will have five minutes to fill out sheets. Host will come around before the start of each new session and collect the completed sheets. For each attendee, an envelope will be created in which all of their assessments will be kept. When the event is over - and not before then - each person may collect their envelope of assessment sheets as they are leaving. If you'd prefer to have us email you screenshots of all your sheets, we can do that as well. We ask that you DO NOT open your envelopes until you leave. IMPORTANT: You will not have more than 5 one-on-one sessions. Hosts will review all sheets before putting them in a guest's envelope. If there is anything we deem inappropriate or rude, the sheet will be ripped up. There will be no questions or prompts that encourage comments about physical appearance. This is not a dating event, though we encourage people to mix and mingle and exchange contact info if they wish.


25 School Street · Boston, MA

What we're about

Please read your welcome message for additional group guidelines.Please be sure to read that carefully.

Welcome to our social activity group. We're about more than the bar and club scene. Those events are great, but we're trying to offer an alternative to those events. I'm a firm believer that activity and themed based groups attract people who are more sociable and interested in meeting others.For us, the goal is to produce get-togethers that inspire conversation and interaction.

Please read your welcome message for group guidelines.

This group is dedicated to organizing small to medium-sized get-togethers, wine tastings, wine socials, activities, and meet and greets. We want people to talk and find others who share common interests. We'll also be sure to include games, quizzes, and ice-breakers at every event in order to give people a way to approach and interact with other members. In the past, we've organized a group fencing class, haunted bar tours, chocolate making classes, and movie trivia night.

This group will plan and organize 3-5 events per month and will post an additional 5-7 for other groups. We will offer a mix of team-building and activity events as well as happy hours and mixers. (Note: to manage your email subscriptions so you don't get inundated with messages, hover over your profile avatar, click settings, then turn your notifications off.)

*All events will have a theme i.e. Pop-Culture, Wine, International Night, Trivia etc.

*All event will have an assigned age range. This group will cater to members ages 25-55. There will be events for 20's & 30's, 30's & 40's, and 40's & 50's. Some events will have a wider age range like 25-45.

*We post at least 3 events per month for the 40+ crowd.

*All of our events will have a group representative on hand to act as a point person and make introductions.

Events will have admission fees of $10 - $40 to cover supplies, host fee, booked group activities, gratuities to venues, etc.

Please read your welcome message for additional group guidelines.Please be sure to read that carefully.

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