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We are the wine-and-dine women of Morristown (your wine girls club)! Young 20-somethings pretending to be fancy, but who really just have a love for good food and great (most of the time, cheap) wine. We will explore Morristown and surrounding in this "wine club" in order to find the most fun/most pretty/best priced food and wine spots.

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Tasting #3: Sushi Lounge & Cocktails

Sushi Lounge

For our third tasting, let's head to Sushi Lounge and perhaps break away from wine-only pairing. I would like to think of this place my local watering hole, and I know of some awesome cocktail-food pairings to make there (hopefully, my friend bartender is also working this night and will hook us up!) The place has a great DJ and vibe, and the sushi is one of the best in Morristown.

Tasting #4: Jockey Hollow Bar Hopping (wine, cocktails, bands, and more!)

For this fourth tasting, let's bar hop across the various restaurants/bars at Jockey Hollow: The Rathskeller, Dapesca, The Vail Bar, and The Oyster Bar, of course sampling drinks and food at each place. At 8pm, there will be a jazz band at The Rathskeller.

Tasting #5: SM23 Bar/Lounge Cocktails

SM23 Lounge

Let's continue on our cocktail streak and meet up at SM23, a super cool and funky bar and lounge I personally have never been to. The owner created this place because he was inspired by a grilled pineapple and cracked pepper martini he had in Australia...mmmm. Splates are available here too!

Past events (2)

Tasting #2: BYOB to Millie's Old World Pizza and Meatballs

Millie's Old World Meatballs and Pizza

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