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Our game group explores role-playing, battle-map tactics and partying with friends.

We run fun and relaxed D&D campaigns. Our gaming environment includes booze flowing and 420 smoking, but we still maintain decorum to adventure, role-play, hack & slash and gain XP and treasure.

The party is "good" and we encourage teamwork. The adventurers "share a trench together" so none would consider stealing from the party or being deceitful to their strongest allies and family: the other party members.

Game on! D&D!!!

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Heroes of the Desert Campaign

Private Home

Heroes of the Desert 1st gaming session Goal: Character creation and a small encounter to get blooded. ——- Once I get your message at [masked] Then I’ll send you PHB as a PDF. We’ll use a Method VI statistics point buy system (pg. 13 PHB) with 39 points available and a limit of only one 18, only one 17, and only one 16 during your buy. Racial bonuses apply to increase stats above that. Racial bonuses can take you to 19 but you cannot point buy a stat to 19. And if you are a fighter class and place the 18 in STR then you will be able to roll for exceptional STR 18/(1-100%) Email me at [masked] for my address etc Game session Two: Would you prefer March 1st or March 8th for game session two??🐲

Old School Greeks Go New School In Faerun

Our party narrowly avoided death as it fought its way to Belak and his minions and defeated them. The party also successfully rescued two missing adventurers, including releasing them from the clutches of the evil tree. Upon doing so, the party returned to town with the healing apple and the missing adventurers to claim their reward. The party also now reaches level 4! What will the future hold next? We gather at 5 pm and begin play promptly at 6 pm.

Viking Old School D&D Party

Needs a location

We resume Saturday, March 9th at 7:pm Our Norse heroes are in their home town of Skalholt. Elders around Skalholt explained in unanimity that the small treasure chest sealed by the odd black infinity chain must be kept closed as they fear it is cursed. Accepting that advice the party is considering giving the chest to the high priests of Odin to ensure it doesn’t fall into foolish or evil hands. The group is considering their options to recruit hirelings and hopefully get Olsen the cleric to rejoin their group. The party has been refocused on their clan missions and the need to complete searching and clearing the evil from The Hill. Game on!

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