What we're about

They say Life is a game.
You've heard it since you were a kid.
If that's true, wouldn't it be good to know the rules.
That's what this Meet Up Group is about.

What you'll get out of this Meet-up Group:

• Short, powerful, practical tools you can use right now to win at the game of life

• Opportunities to meet other like-minded people who focus on improving their lives in all areas -personal, communication, spiritual, professional, financial, relationships, confidence level, family, etc

• More understanding of yourself

• The rules and tools for conquering many of life's biggest challenges

• A new point of view.

What you WON'T get from these meet ups:

• Fluff

• Anyone trying to convince you of the truth of the information - you'll be able to figure out if it works all on your own.

• The idea that it is difficult or impossible to understand your mind, your spiritual nature or true potential in life.

• Anyone telling you that things like depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, shyness, communication difficulties or any other challenge or problem in life is improved by psychiatric or street drugs.

• Anyone trying to change your religion or beliefs. All of the meet ups for this group will take place at the Church of Scientology in Downtown Detroit where I've been a volunteer for more than 20 years.

You can be of any religion to come and you will never be asked to change yours.

For example, there are people who come to our Meet Ups that are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, Pagan, agnostic and atheist.

The only requirement is that you are seeking to understand yourself and life, better.


We hold a seminar/talk every week on various topics having to do with Winning at the Game of Life:

• How to increase confidence and personal certainty

• How to understand and control your own emotions and others

• How to communicate effectively and confidently

• How to overcome self-doubt

• How to improve relationships

• How to become more successful

• How to get rid of depression and anxiety - without drugs.

• How to create successful relationships

• How to succeed in your career

• How to start that side hustle

• How to be a better parent

These seminars are purely educational. Most Meet Ups are free but some have a small fee and those will usually include a free book or handout that expands on the topic.

The contents of the talks are taken from the various books and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard on the mind, spirit and life.

Our speakers are usually established consultants and coaches with 20 years or more experience in the subjects they talk about - from success in business and personal relationships to communication and prosperity.

Each talk lasts about an hour unless the description states otherwise. You can come to one, a couple or dozens, and learn something helpful every time.

If you are interested in understanding more about life and improving yourself and others - join this group of wonderful people. There are no obligations other than the desire to improve your life, learn something new, and meet some positive people who also want more out of life.

If you have any questions:
Call me directly @ (313) 365-0606‬

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