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The Problem of Evil and Suffering
How could any God that is Good allow all of the evil and suffering we clearly observe in the world? Maybe the best explanation is that such a God does not exist. Come out and examine this atheistic argument against the existence of God before we discuss the Christian response to it.

St Lukes Anglican Church

130 Nassau Street North · Winnipeg, MB

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Hello! Welcome to the Winnipeg Christian Apologetics Club. In this group, we will explore the philosophical ideas and issues related to the truth claims of Christianity. For those who are interested, there will also be regular gatherings held at St. Luke’s church, where we will do things like watch lectures and debates together before discussing them. Although St. Luke’s is an Anglican church, the group and meetings are nondenominational. It’s also a secular group in the sense that it is meant to accommodate seekers, agnostics and atheists who are interested in learning more about arguments for the existence of God, Christian philosophy, and the relationship between faith and reason. The lectures and debates will include the works of the worlds leading public defenders of the Christian faith, such as William Lane Craig, Alvin Plantinga, John Lennox, Peter Kreeft, Ravi Zacharias, Jordan Peterson and many more. We're on Facebook, too!

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