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Eat Mindfully, Delicious Guided-Meditation and Lunch on 1st Mondays
Are you ready to get back on track with your self-care and some delicious, healthy-food and meditation? This mindfulness offering by Cheryl Schirillo Johnson is $20 at the door or $15 in advance via this secure link to Bridges: http://PayPal.Me/cherylschirillo *** All are welcome. No experience necessary. Our Mindfulness Lunch happens the 1st Monday of every month. We gather in the warm and inviting space at Golden Flower Tai Chi Center on Trade St, next to Finnigan's Wake. ***Event Flow*** 11:30 am: Doors Open 11:45 am: Welcome and Introductions Noon: Warmup With Music 12:10 pm: Mindfulness Training (a short technique you can practice anytime during your day) 12:20 pm: Cheryl leads a Guided Meditation (many times metta) 12:40 pm: Sharing a Take Away From Your Meditation 12:50 pm: Lunch is Presented. Brown bag options for those who want to take their lunch back to work. Vegan and gluten-free, friendly. 1:00 - 1:30 pm: Enjoying Lunch in Community Your donation/self-care investment includes a locally-sourced, sustainably-raised lunch! $15 in advance. $20 at the door. Payment via Pal Pal to Cheryl's organization, Bridges, appreciated early (now would be great): http://PayPal.Me/cherylschirillo *Please do not let money prevent you from coming, all gifting-levels are welcome if you are tight on cash (as I have been in the past)... AND if you are interested in making a larger investment in your self-care to boost the flow of abundance in your life and our world, that's wonderful too! Why practice mindfulness and meditation? Do you perk up when you hear about how meditation increases the gray matter in your hippocampus, boosts your memory and extends the length of time you can stay in the creative flow with focus. Then you will likely enjoy hearing about current research on the benefits of morning meditation and how three-minute mindfulness exercises are effective for boosting innovation and creativity, improving sleep and reducing stress, scattered thinking and the dangerous long-term health consequences of being in a chronic state of flight or fight. About Cheryl Schirillo-Johnson I began my mostly-daily mediation practice 13 years ago when I launched my first start-up. My stress levels were off the chart and I was in critical need of a fix that would allow me to be at the top of my game when I was pitching investors and getting to the finals in business plan competitions throughout the southeast. By incorporating mindfulness into my day, I found I could more fully enjoy the wild ride I was on and be more present and peaceful when interacting with loved-ones and co-workers. Currently, I meditate for 10 – 40 minutes in the morning — and create moments of mindfulness throughout each day. I make time for this in my busy schedule because I've found it is the best way for me to manage stress -- and even more importantly -- repeatedly connect with my desire to live an authentic, connected and joyfully-creative life. Cheryl's Bio: I am President/CEO of the marketing company Bridges Connecting Communities, Inc. and Founder of the Imagination Installations Project. I have worked with a wide-range of mindfulness, Buddhist meditation and nature practices for over 15 years, and studied extensively with Native American Shamans, Pacos from Peru and Duke Integrative Health Specialists. My Mindfulness Consulting Practice was inspired by Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, and Co-Founder of the Presencing Institute and U.Lab. For the past few years I've studied with Otto and a local group of community innovators participating in U.Lab, a global movement to build a new economy by co-sensing and co-creating with the emerging future. Check out my website and blog for more information:

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