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Heroes of the South Seas, a Pulp Adventure

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Our Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear!

The campaign is set in the year 1938 and located in the Southern Pacific, specifically, the island of Tanna located in the New Hebrides (now the nation of Vanuatu) a short distance from the “South Pacific Mandate”. To get a vibe for the campaign I highly recommend you hit Netflix and watch “Only Angels Have Wings” or “Tales of the Gold Monkey”.

To Your Mark!

Feel free to delve as much into your character's origin and backstory as much you find entertaining - after all, these are great source of GM inspiration. With this said though, for high-speed pulp action, sometime you just need hit the basics and jump in.


Mechanical Nature of the Game

Gaming System: The game will be run using Hero System 6th edition rules (with a strong nod to the original Justice Inc. box set).

Power Levels: The characters you create should be “hero” level. In Hero System parlance this would equate to 175 points with 50 points in matching complications. Characters can be remarkable but they canʼt be superhuman. However...

Weird Talents & Psychic Powers: I love both of these and welcome you to add them to the mix if it fits your conception. The sizable caveat is that any extraordinary ability must be nearly explainable in the real world. True invisibility would be out, but a character who learned an ancient Tibetan ability make oneʼs presence exceedingly liminal (think Stephen King-style “dim” or the Shadow's ability to cloud men's minds) would be okay.

Note: We’ve had a couple of players leave recently, so there’s room at the table for a couple of interested new folks. No prior knowledge needed.