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Central Florida Astronomical Society at Winter Springs

Trotwood Park Astronomy Nights :

Focused On : Introducing Young People to Astronomy and Science

The Central Florida Astronomical Society, Inc. (CFAS) a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded to increase public awareness of astronomy and astronomy-related issues such as light pollution, scientific inquiry and NASA astronomical missions.
As a not-for-profit institution founded for community education, we have a number of outreach programs aimed at the Central Florida community.

We participate in the NASA Night Sky Network making presentations at our general meetings, outreach events and elsewhere in the community.

Our members volunteer time at astronomy events sponsored by local schools, scout groups and other youth and community organizations providing telescopes, presentations and expertise to local youth and teachers.

Join us at Trotwood Park after sundown on the first Saturday of every month! We'll have telescopes available for viewing planets, nebulae, double stars, and whatever else happens to be out. Open to anyone interested in the night sky and amateur astronomy. Members of the Central Florida Astronomical Society are on hand to guide you and answer your questions. We also welcome fellow CFAS members and enthusiasts to stop by and engage in some cosmic discussion.

The CFAS Trotwood Park Outreach Event is free! All you have to do to join is show up.

People sometimes get astronomy and astrology mixed up - our group is about astronomy, the science of the stars, galaxies, and planets that are out there. We're not about zodiac signs and predicting the future - that's astrology. But, we welcome anyone who's curious about science.

Join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/660635087443371/) too!

Bear in mind this is a nighttime event in a city park - it's dark, hard to see, and there are things like curbs and concrete pads you can trip on. Lock your cars while you're there, too - it's just common sense.

• Important to know

This event is subject to Winter Springs City Park rules :
no Pets, no Alcohol , no Drugs.

And : No Smoking or Vaping please : it damages the optics of the telescopes.

The use of Lasers ( excluding < 1 mw pointers being used for presentations ) is Prohibited.

Don't point anything up in the sky which might be seen by aircraft !

This is a Family Event = Keep it classy.

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