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Our group strives to help those who seek to grow spiritually and share a diversity of ideas. We sponsor local programs and small group study that promote spirituality, meditation, holistic health and the study of Ancient civilizations. Our programs are low cost and open to all.
The Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) is an organization that facilitates personal transformation toward God through study, application and dissemination of information in the Edgar Cayce readings and similar material.

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Alternative Healing Modalities- Jim Bix

Unity Church In Milwaukee

This class is hands on. In this class you will learn about Quantum sound healing, and how to talk to your body in quantum alignment . Also, frequency healing, how to talk to your body frequencies, as well as Biofield research . Throughout the day we will better understand body breathing, our biofields, and why we act the way we do. Please bring all your questions! No Recording please. About Jim Bix Jim (Squirrel Whisperer) is a writer, speaker, artist, composer, inventor, owner of Open Heaven Healing in Thorp WI where he is a Heart Math practitioner teaching people to "live in the Heart". Jim is also an ordained Melchizedek priest, and a Secretary of Healing Technologies for the Indigenous. He is also a Reiki Master, Teacher, Sound Healer and dowser. • Important to know This lecture does have a fee. $50 in advance, which includes lunch. $55 at door, lunch may not be available. Check in begins at 9 am For more information and to register on line, use this url: https://wisconsinareaffiliates.regfox.com/jim-bix-frequency-healing By mail: To register by mail please make out a check for $50 to ARE Volunteer Associates and mail it to Julie Neu 105 Westgate Dr. Iron Ridge, Wis. 53035.

Whitewater Retreat 2019-The Quickening: Leaping Ahead on Your Spiritual Journey

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater UWW

Consciousness researcher and psychotherapist Gregg Unterberger M.Ed, LPC dares you to take a quantum leap on your spiritual journey! Unterberger has spent the last decade researching and developing new techniques to trigger these spiritual “quickenings,” yielding breakthrough experiences in astonishing short periods of time for thousands of workshop participants across the country. For complete information on pricing and to register on line, click on this LINK: https://wisconsinareaffiliates.regfox.com/whitewater-retreat-gregg-unterberger-presents--the-quickening-leaping-ah In this transformative three-day workshop, Gregg will give you the tools you need to accelerate your journey and embrace deeper levels of peace, happiness, and intuitive ability. Discover how doctors at the Chicago Veterans Hospital stumbled onto a technique for apparent spirit contact that is transforming the lives of soldiers and grief-stricken patients around the world — in a single session! Learn the secrets of Spiritual Activation, a cutting-edge modality pioneered by Unterberger, that you can use at home to organically activate neural networks associated with a direct connection to the Divine Safely Journey into the “life between lives” where you may discover your life’s purpose, experience angels and guides, even touch the Divine! Discover the world of Transpersonal Breathwork, where mystical states of consciousness—the domain of saints and geniuses—are becoming available to ordinary people to access past lives, release long-held trauma, and experience life-changing unitive experiences with the God! Encounter Discover Your Destiny, the powerful guided imagery exercise that has allowed thousands of ordinary people to apparently glimpse the future of their karmic journey Questions For more information contact Kevin Reger at[masked] or [masked] About Gregg: Gregg Unterberger, MEd, LPC is a former instructor in Psychology at Texas State University and a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice with offices in Houston and College Station, Texas. He has trained with leaders in the field of “accelerated” healing modalities, such as Dr. Allan Botkin, Dr. David Grand, Dr. Stanislav Grof & Grof Transpersonal Training, and Dr. Brian Weiss, author of the best-selling Many Lives, Many Masters. • What to bring Please bring a water bottle for your hydration needs! There are water bottle filling stations at the facility. Please dress in layers, the conference room can run warm or cool depending on the weather and your seat in the room. • Important to know There is a cost to this event. They range from $85-$135 depending on your age, etc. There are also optional costs for dorm rooms and a cafeteria meal ticket. Please join us for our forty-first annual retreat as Gregg Unterberger presents The Quickening: Leaping Ahead on Your Spiritual Journey in Whitewater, WI For complete information on pricing and to register on line, click on this LINK: https://wisconsinareaffiliates.regfox.com/whitewater-retreat-gregg-unterberger-presents--the-quickening-leaping-ah Lectures are in University Center off Prairie St. Wells Residence Hall at the east end of Prairie St is where we are bunking.

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