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This is a brand new group initiative for local interested and concerned Coloradans to learn about, engage and prepare active measures to protect citizens from harmful threats to our public safety and well-being. The focus will be on the relevance and induction of such programs both governmental and industrial without our consent. Topics will include mandates on Weather Modification and Geoengineering, Vaccine mandates and the current roll out of 5G Wireless Networks, 5G SMART GRID systems, etc. Our objective is what we as citizens can do to protect ourselves, our families, pets, soil, water, food and wildlife from untested, non-health regulated industrial programs. Other related topics can be up for discussion in this realm as we progress and we will bring in speakers relevant to topics of concern. This is a conscious sacred activist group where people will learn, share information and concerns and gather evidence while we institute a plan of action. All citizens from all walks of life are invited to attend this forum. I am not a scientist, engineer, medical professional, or attorney. I am an investigative research activist/facilitator intending to organize citizens to take back their power in protecting their rights against adverse health effects from these programs with integrity and mindfulness. We are working with WeWork to determine the best location for our meetup. *if you have suggestions or know of a place suitable to meet, please let us know. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you. ~Susie

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