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An informal, friendly group of Witches of many different traditions, gathering for networking, laughs, sharing of information, bad puns, and occasionally, duck-shaped zucchini.

As friendly as we are, we are not doormats, and I must add this: This is the original Portland Witches Meetup that has been meeting in person several times a month for 16 years. We are not in any way affiliated with the so-called "Portland Area Pagan and Witches Network," which is only a calendar, based in San Diego, and of questionable intent.

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Oak Hills Brew Pub


The Westside Witches Meetup is an extension of the Portland Witches Meetup.
Everyone is welcome to come join the fun and cackling with the witches of the west! Share stories, wisdom, and discussions about our favorite subject, the magical art of witchcraft.

Our meetup is a social gathering for those who enjoy having fun and a good cackle with other Witches.
Whether you are a novice or seasoned witch, new to, or rooted from the Portland Metro area, this is a great way to network and very likely meet someone who will enlighten your journey along the magical path of witchery.

The Westside Witches meet on the second Tuesday of every month at the Oak Hills Brewpub, a small McMenamins and easy to find, just north off of hwy 26 at 14740 N.W. Cornell Road.

Directions to the Oak Hills Brewpub:
Take the Cornell/Bethany exit off of hwy 26 (the Cornell/Bethany exit is between the Murray road and 185th exits).
Turn north onto Cornell road. You won't go very far and you will see a Kaddy Car Wash on the right.
The Oak Hills Brewpub is located in the Oak Hills Village, a small strip mall behind the car wash. If you miss the first driveway, there is a second driveway just past the car wash.

Magical Musings

Online event

How do you practice the craft? Do you celebrate the Holidays, the Wheel of the year? Are you a solitary practitioner? The member of a Coven? There are so many different mythologies, sects, and philosophies that each one of us will follow our own path. Would you like to share with us?

Since we are doing virtual meetings, in order to connect with us you must join the Facebook Magical Musings Group to get the Zoom connections.

Magickal Musings (discussion group)

If the Broom Fits

Have you ever held a party or gone to a gathering that didn't quite go as planned? Somehow things went off the rails at the beginning and never got back on track, ending up way different than anyone anticipated. Look at what can and has happened at rituals that you have attended whether you are a participant or even the one who planned the whole thing. When you are looking back at these on a Saturday morning in the safe confines of a friendly group twenty years or even two weeks later it is a bit easier to be objective, and even laugh at what took place. This is the opportunity to pull out those old memories and basically spill the cakes and ale to a sympathetic group. While we are understanding, we will be chuckling along with you.

Witches of Cascadia Monthly Meetup

Cleary's Restaurant & Spirits

This is the original Portland Witches Meetup that has been going since 2002. We are not in any way or shape affiliated with the Portland Witches and Pagans Community Network, and are listed there despite having asked several times to be removed. That "Network" is just a calendar, is owned by someone in San Diego, 3/4 of the members live in the SW US, and is of dubious intent.

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Here is another opportunity to get together and create community. Cleary's Restaurant is easily reached by car and Trimet, and is located behind Walgreens at the Menlo Park Plaza. This Meetup is meant to be a networking opportunity to meet other Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Goddess worshippers. It is not a class; there is never an agenda or anything particularly structured. This doesn't mean you can't learn anything at a Meetup. Ask any question you want. There are many very experienced people who are regulars, we usually enjoy answering questions. I find we DO talk about Pagan and Witchy stuff when someone actually asks us about the subjects. We had some nice visitors from Israel who didn't know anything about Paganism, and so, we talked and talked about Paganism. As always, there is no charge for this Meetup, but it is a restaurant, so do be prepared to buy at least a little something to make it worth the restaurant's efforts .

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Magickal Musings (discussion group)

If the Broom Fits

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