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Given a moment's thought, most of us can almost certainly think of questions for which we've not yet discovered a fully satisfying answer. Most of us can identify significant issues that have no obvious resolution. Join us as we consider a variety of relevant topics in an atmosphere that facilitates an exchange of ideas ... the sharing of alternative points of view. If you think you MIGHT have an answer worth considering, come share it with us. If you KNOW you have THE one and only answer, this might not be the group for you. The "With an Open Mind" Discussion Group uses a "moderated" discussion format. The discussion leader will keep the discussion focused and encourage adherence to established ground rules that give EVERY participant the opportunity to share his or her thoughts in a non-confrontational manner. No advance preparation is required. No political or religious perspective is assumed or excluded. The expectation is that all who participate will, during the course of the discussion, further develop their own, personal views through publically voicing their current thinking and respectfully listening to the thoughts of others.

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Crime and Punishment (Part 2)

Pikes Perk Coffee & Tea House

On Monday, April 22nd, we held what now turns out to have been Part 1 of a discussion of “Crime and Punishment”. This first discussion of the topic proved so intriguing that we never got to the “Punishment” phase. Indeed, we had difficulty even completing the “Crime” phase within the allotted time. For that reason, I’ve decided to hold a Part 2 discussion. I’ll quickly recap some of the points covered during the discussion of “Crime”. We’ll then move on to a discussion of “Punishment”. Given the assumption that “punishment” is at least sometimes an appropriate response to criminal behavior, we’ll address what types of “punishment” are appropriate and how should these “punishments” should be administered?

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