Frontend meetup

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This time we will focus on frontend stuff: in the first talk Alex will cover the current state of animations on the web and in the second one Pavel will tell you about Transducers - a better way to transform your collections.

We will try to make the meetup useful for people who wants their animations to be smooth and their collections to be in a good shape! :)

Wanted: local speakers with interesting talks!

Come and talk to Pavel (@fxposter (, [masked] ) or Natalia (@intnaza (, [masked] )

Web Animation and CSS tricks

Abstract: From this talk you'll learn more about css and svg animations. I'll show some general tricks in css/html that will help you to decrease amount of useless UI javascript in the future.

Speaker: Alex Kovalenko, development manager at Wix, front-end developer and speaker.

Transducers. What are they and how can you use them in JavaScript.

Abstract: JavaScript is becoming more functional nowadays. map and filter - those words mean a lot for modern programming world. Some people think that those are just Array.prototype methods. But Bacon.js also implements map and filter algorithms in their codebase, as well as RxJS. Immutable.js and lazy collections from lodash library do have their own implementations of these algorithms. Transducers is an attempt to describe and implement the essence of these (and lots of other) algorithms, ignoring the context which they are applied to - arrays, lazy collections, event streams or queues/channels.

Speaker: Pavel Forkert (@fxposter ( is a software engineer, working on DevOps, Ruby and JavaScript projects at Wix. He is a programming languages geek and loves talking about design, patterns and software architecture.