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At Wix Engineering (https://wix.engineering) we have internal tech talks every week as part of our guild activities. We think that not only Wix engineers should enjoy these talks, and decided to open most of them for public participation.

We will also publish here all the meetups at Wix Vilnius office!

You can always find talks on our video channel at:


There will be limited spots for our internal talks so please RSVP only if you'll attend.

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How to Build a Scalable Application? Introducing Repluggable

Please notice: * The meetup will be online and the talk will be in English. * Link to the event will only be visible to people who RSVP. * The online meetup will be held on October 29, 16:00, LT Time Zone, GMT +3:00 // How to Build a Scalable Application? Introducing Repluggable- Itay Shtekel For the past years, we've been building large and complex applications at Wix. As a product grows, it usually becomes more challenging to manage. * How do you keep the velocity? * Can you have a specific team develop and deploy only a part of an application? * What if you want to reuse code in multiple products? * How do you build to scale while keeping cross-cutting concerns easy to control? * How do you create various experiences for the same product? * How can you replace a specific module without compromising product integrity? After we've accumulated substantial mileage in creating these applications we've decided to systematically address those pain points with Repluggable, our new micro frontends framework. It introduces a robust foundation of developing for modularity and scale from the start, with strong design principles and inversion of control. Join us to hear more about how this solution works. It's open-sourced - so you can use it too! // Bio Itay Shtekel is a software architect at Wix. He's a co-author of the Repluggable library and is guiding dozens of developers through building the Wix’s complex EditorX - a tool that incorporates more than 5 years of editors building experience in Wix. Prior to that, Itay was a software developer at 8200.

Engineering at Scale, #2: Code & Build at Huge Scale - Insights From Wix DevEx

Wix Engineering’s meetups focus on deep technical insights, whether it’s front-end, back-end, mobile, testing or anything in between. In this series of meetups we cover our back-end infrastructure, platform, and scale engineering challenges we deal with at Wix Engineering - we’d like to share the lessons we learned and challenges we’re facing, and hear your insights and experience - to create cross pollination and collective brainstorming. This meetup will focus on principles of how to build fast at Scale and how we built and tested 10M lines of code in 5 minutes. // Schedule: 16:00 - 16:50 - Principles on how to build fast at Scale / Or Shachar 16:50 - 17:00 - LocalDevEx challenges / Adi Kopelevich 17:10 - 18:10 - 3 open discussion rooms going deeply into: * How to measure dev velocity - with Tomer Pilossof * Improving local development performance - with Adi Kopelevich * Big wins and challenges around build times - with Or Shachar // Principles on how to build fast at Scale, Or Shachar Three years ago, we were given a big challenge - Transform Wix Build System, then based on Maven and Teamcity, to a new system that will support our exponentially growing scale. We ended up choosing a build tool that originated at Google and completely revolutionized our builds. Nowadays - the system builds in a fracture of the time - even with our largest codebases. In the talk Or will break down the key-principles that made the new build system so fast, how each one enables faster, more efficient and more stable build system and touch upon how this was implemented using Bazel. // LocalDevEx Challenges, lighting talk, Adi Kopelevich Following the successful migration of Wix CI to use Bazel, we've been introduced with several challenges on our backend developers local environments. In this talk we will go over some of the challenges we are facing and our efforts to mitigate them in order to improve current development experience working at Wix’s Bazel ecosystem. // Unconference: 3 discussion groups talking about Kafka utilization and lessons learned in high scale and scaling solutions. The groups you can join (link to each group will be sent during the meetup) 1. How to measure dev velocity - Tomer Pilossof 2. Improving local development performance - Adi Kopelevich 3. Big wins and challenges around build times - Or Shachar // Bio: Or Shachar is a build-passionate backend engineer. He started his professional career as classic Build manager in Hewlett Packard ALM team. Starting from build configurations written in Ant, moving to Maven and falling in love with Jenkins - build became a sort of a passion. After 3 years he left to pursue the startup dream and started doing intensive system design and development. 4 years ago, he joined Wix backend group and was given the opportunity to combine his two passions - backend engineering and build systems. Today Or is the Server build team lead and part of the Wix DevEx group.

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