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IIBA Members only presentation - Becoming "Human-Centered" change agents
Details: Do you find it ironic working in IT where everything we do is about enabling a business to change, yet our natural skillsets mean that we are often poor change agents? We're good at using our left-brain, analytical, logic-based thinking to analyse, design, deliver and maintain systems and technology, but generally poor at the right-brain, creative, emotion-based thinking required for helping people through the change. Today, the tech increasingly gets done by cloud providers, managed service providers and outsourced to (commonly international) dev shops. So, increasingly we need IT professionals to understand and advise on the tech, but more importantly be proficient in working with commercial suppliers and excellent at helping the business transition through the changes that tech enables. In this lunchtime presentation, Kirsten Eriksen, Senior Consultant with Equinox IT, proposes that IT professionals need to evolve to add real value to their businesses. Kirsten will explore a range of approaches, sourced from Agile, Lean, Neuroscience, Organisational Development and Change Management practices to give you new tools to become a 'human-centered' change agent. The main learning objectives are: > Understand how the human brain reacts to and assimilates change > Understand how beliefs are formed in humans > Develop an understanding of several change management techniques > Where to go for more in depth understanding ========================================================================== Organisers note: Places for this presentation are strictly limited and you MUST be a member of the IIBA to attend. We reserve the right to reject your registration if you are not a member. We operate on a strictly first come, first served basis. In due fairness to people on the waitlist, if later you are not certain you can attend, please update your RSVP as soon as possible so that your place can be reallocated. Thank you for your co-operation. ========================================================================== Speaker's Bio With over 15 years of experience in providing Business Analysis services for projects, Kirsten Eriksen has proven experience in her area of expertise; the planning, definition, communication and management of business requirements working in a variety of delivery methodologies. Throughout this time she has seen the impact of change in various different organisations, and has come to the conclusion that as a rule, we aren't very good at managing the human side of change. This realisation has prompted an interest in how humans react to change and how our beliefs form. Kirsten has supported the IIBA throughout the years, previously helping to arrange events in wellington, getting involved with the delivery of BA Development Day for a few years and has served a term as Secretary of the NZ IIBA Board.


Level 5, Equinox House 111 The Terrace (or 222 Lambton Quay through Amazon) · Wellington