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Welcome to the WoW social group!

This group is for women only, ages 25 to 55+.

If you are a professional, classy, dynamic, friendly and outgoing type of woman, then this group is for you! We are a group of like-minded women that enjoy socializing, networking and meeting new people. Friends are a constant lifeline so let’s cultivate and nurture new and existing friendships.

Here are 7 reasons women need to support other women:

1. It reduces stress.

2. Women need accountability.

3. Women need other women who will tell you the hard truth.

4. It's your nature to nurture.

5. It is not fair to expect one person to be everything to you.

6. You'll live longer.

7. Your community of women can help support your goals and objectives.

This group is suited for independent women who are comfortable entering and exiting a meeting venue solo. I find ladies arrive and depart at different times; therefore the ability to attend an event solo is a must.

The goal is for events to take place approximately once or twice a month. Please watch for messages and join us!

WOW Policy, Group Rules and Terms of Reference:

1. Cancellations are not accepted within 48 or 72 hours for most events. Contact me privately (versus the public message boards) for exceptions. Exceptions are immediate and urgent matters that cannot be avoided. Posts on the public boards will be removed. Should you need to cancel prior to 48 or 72 hours, it is your responsibility to contact me privately. Emails are directly routed to my smartphone. No-shows are immediately removed. If you RSVP yes to an event, you are agreeing to the policy, and terms of reference.

2. Ensure I can reach you day of an event. If you are attending an event or are on the wait list for an event requiring reservations, I may need to contact you. Please do ONE of the following:

• download the Meetup app to your smartphone (see your app store for details) and monitor event updates, or private messages OR

• add ( website to your home screen of your smartphone (in a browser open (, then select the square with embedded arrow or ‘send to’ icon and select ‘add to home screen.’ Monitor updates, or private messages.

Waitlisted members who consistently remain on waitlists yet are consistently unavailable for activities within 24-48 hours hours of an event, will be removed from future waitlists.

3. Cell phones are a distraction for everyone. Be considerate and tuck your phones away. You are attending an event to engage with other like-minded women and interact in face to face conversation; therefore it is inappropriate to focus on your phone. Exceptions are securing rides, and taking group photos. Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.

4. It is best to have your own vehicle or arrange your own transportation. If you are at an event and become friendly with a member who offers or can provide a ride to a future event, please make those arrangements privately. Any posts requesting rides to events will be removed.

5. Man-bashing/partner bashing will not be tolerated. Everyone has had a nasty break up (or two or three); however this is not the group to share your stories. This includes your relationship breakdown, and dating experiences, especially online dating. As you can appreciate, these types of conversations change the dynamics of group interaction particularly in the presence of married members, and members in relationships. Reminder that the group contains women of all statuses: single, married, common law, LDRs, etc. and I strive to keep everyone comfortable.

6. Bring your A-game to WOW. As a member of WOW, your highest level of integrity is critical. You are responsible and accountable for your personal and professional behaviour which is a direct reflection on WOW. Anyone conducting themselves in a manner deemed offensive to others will be removed from membership. Winnipeg really is a small city at 3% separation; one in three people know you, have heard of you, or someone close to you.

7. I will provide as much information on events as possible. If your question is not answered in the event details, specific information will be forthcoming. Some details may be not shown on the App so please check details through your browser.

8. A $3.00 participation fee is collected at each event attended, unless otherwise stated. For unavoidable cancellations that I have approved, your $3 event fee is expected at your next event. There will be events where a $3.50 - $5.00 event fee will be collected via Paypal in order to submit your RSVP. For these Paypal events, the fees are non-refundable, to deter cancellations. The fees collected are used to offset the yearly fee charged by for utilizing the site.

9. There is no advertising or peddling of business products or services at events or via messaging group members.

10. After one year of non-activity your membership will be removed. Lack of online visits to the site, or joining an event, or waitlist, displays a lack of interest and your membership will be removed. I realize events can be small, however everyone has the same chance to RSVP to events.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or comments. I look forward to seeing you!


Lana, WOW Organizer

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