What we're about

Our founders Consciously Claire & Saxon Stardust are passionate about bringing the community together over cacao ceremony’s and ceremonial ecstatic dance.

Ecstatic dance is free form movement. It has no steps to learn or form to follow. It’s not about impressing others rather it invites us to release our embodied selves into ecstasy- to take us to realms beyond our ego state. To discover what the soul has to say through our body’s improvisations.

When a persons inner animal wants to dance, the egos job is to get out of the way and surrender to the rhythm.

The only rules for ecstatic dance are
- No talking on the Dance floor ( instead use other forms of communication, like eye contact and body language)
- Barefoot only
- Drug and Alcohol free

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Cacao Ecstatic Dance

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Cacao Circle & Ecstatic Dance

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