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Seaweeds & Shellfish of the Salish Sea
See ( or call instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm at 425-248-0253 for more information and and to register additional friends/family members at just $85 each. Discover Pass required (if you drive, not the same as Fish & Wildlife lands pass) and if you would like to gather seaweeds and shellfish today, you will need a Washington State Shellfish & Seaweeds Licensewhich you can purchase at Kim digging clams at Deception Pass beaches open to harvest. Join us for a wonderful day during one of the lowest tides of late spring on the shores of Deception Pass where geography, fauna and flora meet in dramatic form, providing a wild edible smorgasbord for the ages. Did you know that all seaweeds are edible in our region, but that certain ones are better and more nutritious than others? Did you know that each species of clam and shellfish leave distinct markers in the sand and gravel so that you can know what you’ll find before you dig them up? And did you know that the shores of Deception Pass provide what is perhaps the most diverse set of wild edible and medicinal plants in northwest? Join us for a great day of hands-on discovery at Deception Pass State Park. 10:00 Start: Please arrive early for a super punctual start, as we’ll have much to do today! We’ll begin with an intensive overview of the seaweeds, shellfish and shore plants we’ll be experiencing today that will be designed to make learning easy and understandable. Workshop instructor Chris Chisholm gathering Bull Whip Kelp from the shore immediately after a storm. 12:00 Seaweeds & Shellfish at Super Low Tide Pack and eat a quick lunch, because now will be the best time to walk onto the beach and dig shellfish! The tide will be starting to go out fast at this time, so we’ll also collect seaweeds which present themselves, and depending on weather, we will try to dry them for later use. 2:00 Preserving & Preparing Wild Edibles We’ll hang them to dry, then begin prepping clam chowder, nori rolls and other wild edible delicacies in preparation for our dinner. We’ll also return to our picnic shelter along one of the best trails for native plants that we have ever seen, learning how to distinguish characteristics of edible trees, shrubs and plants. 4:00 Wild Edible Cooking & Feast Wild Chef Charlie Borrowman will share his seashore cooking secrets with you as we revel in a wild edible dinner prepared we prepare together with him. 6:00 Clean Up Species We May Encounter: SEAWEEDS Brown Algea: • Bullwhip Kelp • Kombu Sugar Wrack • Wakame & Ribbon Kelp • Arame Forked Kelp • Hijiki Sargassum • Bladderwrack Rockweed Red Algea: • Dulse Palmaria • Nori • Turkish Towel Green Algea: • Ulva Sea Lettuce SHELLFISH Mollusks: Bivalve Class • Geoducks & Soft-Shell Clams; Hardshell Clams (Basket, Zebra & Kelly, Razor) • Oysters & Scallops; Mussels Cephalopod (squids, octopus), Snail & Chiton Classes Crustaceans: • Shrimp • Crabs • Barnacles NATIVE EDIBLE SHORE PLANTS Dicot Trees: • Pine Family (pine, firs, spruce) • Oregon Garry White Oak • Other Medicinal Trees Dicot Shrubs: • Blueberries & Huckleberry Species • Cranberries • Roses • Blackberry & Raspberry Species • Hazelnut Filberts • Currant & Gooseberry Species • Other Medicinal Shrubs Dicot Herbs: • Aster Order & Sunflower Family • Bedstraw & Cleavers • Medicinal Figwort Order • Plantains • Mints • Medicinal Carrot & Ginseng Families of the Parsley Order • Stinging Nettles • Medicinal Plants of the Pea Family, Willow Order & More Monocot Herbs: • Cattails • Eel Grass & Other Grasses • Wild Onions • Blue Camus • Rice Root & Chocolate Lilies • Wapato • Medicinal Orchids, Sedges & Rushes Ferns, Horsetails, Mosses & Lichen: • Medicinal Lore Costs: • $95 general. • $85 per additional friend/family member. Extra Cost: Please note that if you would like to gather seaweeds and shellfish today, you will need a Washington State Shellfish & Seaweeds License. Cost is $14.30 (or $8.30 youth 15 and under) for an annual resident license, or $18.15 ($9.30 youth) for a one-day non-resident combo license. Be sure to purchase in advance at Fred Meyer or Extra Cost: Also, a parking pass is required at all state parks. Cost is $35 for an annual pass available at Fred Meyer or or $10 for one day if you show up without an annual pass!

Deception Pass State Park

41020 State Route 20 · Oak Harbor, WA


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