Unfoldment into Mediumship

Wolf's Haven for Intuitive Arts Meetup Group
Wolf's Haven for Intuitive Arts Meetup Group
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Every week on Thursday

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Join Robyn as she takes you through an intensive mediumship development class every Thursday evening, which will involve some history of Mediumship, discussion of what happens when the physical body dies, and psychic exercises.

This ongoing course is designed for those who are seeking to unfold their mediumistic and psychic gifts. Beginners and intermediate students are welcome.

This is an exciting opportunity to truly embrace the gifts of spirit. Mediums are blessed with numerous ways to meet the needs of those that seek us out for our insight. Our work is centered around the proven fact that life continues after our physical death. It is essential for us to constantly strive to offer greater evidence of survival. During this course, Robyn will work with you to strengthen and heighten your connection with the spirit people. There is an urgent need of those we read for to be given clear life direction and to reveal the patterns and themes that shape their lives. In so doing our recipients are in a far better position to make informed decisions about their own lives.

This course will include exercises and instruction to help you to work on both your psychic and mediumistic talents.

During this class we will discuss:
The Mechanics and Models of Mediumship
Colors and Auras
Sitting in the Power of Spirit
Developing Your Own Personal Spiritual Practice
The Role of Guides, Angels, and Spirit Healers in Mediumship
The Importance and Types of Evidence from Spirit
History of Spiritualism as a Component to Mediumship
Ethics and professional standards of platform mediumship

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