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Hello Wollongong!

My husband and I have moved here from Melbourne and have started this Foodie group in March 2018. Because frankly, moving to a new place and not knowing anyone we thought to ourselves ...how do people meet and make new friends?

So, lets start with what we enjoy. Eating! Dining out, drinking good wine/coffee and good conversation.
And we thought maybe others might want to join us too.

Thanks to Meetup, we have met some amazing people from all walks of life. As this group is growing (yay!), we hope to host more events other than eating (hrmmmm...) So really, we feel this group is not just for Foodies but for anyone who fancies meeting new people and trying some different.

We encourage members to organise activities so please message me and let me know if you want to host events. We would love to hear from you!

Just so you are aware, there is a running cost associated with Meetup with groups larger than 50 members. It is $89USD (roughly $125AUD) every 6 months. We are absorbing this cost at this stage but would appreciate any gold coin donations if you go to an event to keep this group running.

We are still quite new at running these Meetups, if any members have any questions or ideas please let me know. We want to keep improving and make this experience better for you. Thank you and look forward to meeting some new friends :)

We don't have Rules per se, but please read and acknowledge below:

1. We welcome you into this group and encourage all members to keep your posts and comments ethical, polite, courteous and respectful. We hope you can self moderate your own actions so that admin/organisers will not have the need to step in. We are all adults here, common sense should prevail.

2. As Organisers and Event Hosts, we would like members to acknowledge and understand that this is our own time dedicated to run/organise events. We are not sponsored by anyone or companies nor this is a source of income.

2. We understand life happens or you change your mind for an event, it is perfectly ok. We ask you to please change your RSVP if you know you are not attending or send us a message. If you RSVP to an event and do not turn up without explanation (two times) you will be unfortunately removed from the group. Lets be considerate and have some manners.

3. Events that consist a cost will need to be paid prior attending. Please keep an eye out for instructions.

Upcoming events (2)

Jasmine thai - Lunch :)

jasmine thai

Please don't RSVP if you cant make it as we sometimes get waiting list, If you cant make it on the day just change to cant attend as this allows people to attend from that list Cant wait Tia

Breakfast & Walk


Meet at the entertainment centre at 9:30 & we can walk out to north beach, Grab breakfast/Coffee at North Kiosk, We can either break off into smaller groups as people are ready to leave or we can walk back to cars as a group. Can come just for breakfast/coffee if you wish or even a one way walk its up to you :) Cant wait Tia

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