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No Beckys On Deck Party: Viva Puerto Rico!
Wanna party with a purpose!? Join some WWC members at our comrades Black and Brown Workers Cooperative party raising funds for folks impacted by the devastation in PR. Event Details: NBOD is a party hosted by the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative. We are fundraising for Puerto Rico this time! All proceeds will go directly to folx in Puerto Rico or to trusted organizations. No Beckys ~ is a party designed for QTPOC ~ which means that we firmly hold our community at the center. ***this is an intentional space*** DJ DAME LUZ DJ AURA Hosted by Icon Ebony Fierce Performances by: Alexander Velez Nicole Phoenix Sliding scale: $8-$20 Nobody QTPOC turned away for lack of funds.

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4014 walnut st · Philadelphia, PA

What we're about

“Without community, there is no liberation.” ― Audre Lorde

Our Meetup group membership is exclusively for Black women/womyn, transwomen, girls, Gender Non-Conforming or Non-binary femmes. If these aren't any of the identities you hold, your allyship/accomplicing can best be used by following us on social media and staying tuned for our open-to-the-public events or for invitations to get involved. FB Like Page (, Twitter @Womanist_Philly, Tumblr or Instagram: Womanist Working Collective

About us

Our Support & Social Action collective centers the lives and livelihood of Black women/womyn, transwomen, girls, femmes & Gender Non-Conforming or Non-binary folks.

We utilize Womanism Praxis as a vehicle to Black Liberation. We are here for the collective progression & empowerment of folks throughout the African-diaspora through community organizing, strategic philanthropy and intentional self-care practice.

For more information on how we're using African-based principles to mobilize our community organizing and philanthropy work, visit our website: CLICK HERE (

This Meetup group platform is exclusively for membership and our events. On-going programs and projects are shared via the website ( and Facebook page (

Although, our co-organizers and volunteer committees help build our capacity, we are a democracy in which every member's input is valued. It is both led and driven by it's participants. There are no hierarchies. There are no cliques. This is for and about intentional sisterhood and utilizing our skills, talents and knowledge towards impactful change via community building/organizing, philanthropy & self-care (individually & as community care).

Our current methods to addressing these issues are to provide these Black women with community in a way that does not ignore the very real impact the Systems of Oppression have on our psyches and daily lives. We address these issues by empowering and rejuvenating our whole being internally with our self-care models and externally with connections from women with similar struggles. Events we create or attend are community forums, conferences, workshops, trainings, self-care retreats, movies nights, travel events, book clubs, mentorship opportunities, rallies/resistance marches, creative writing circles, game nights and much more.

Events you can look forward too: ShondaLand Nights followed by Dissecting Discussions, Conferences, Workshops, Trainings, Movies nights, Travel events, Book Clubs, Mentorship opportunities, Rallies against The System, Resistance Marches, Creative Writing Circles, Game Night and so much more.

If you have ideas and events that align with or help further our collective purpose, please share it: If not, no worries. Yo sistas got this! ☺

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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." ― Audre Lorde (

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