What we're about

This is a group for women who are taking care of their elderly parents and who are in the process of reinventing themselves. At this stage of their life, they are searching for their new purpose, and have a longing to reinvent themselves. Recently, I read in the AARP magazine that women who are in this juncture have a diminished social life. Feelings of isolation and loneliness can set in during this time affecting our happiness and outlook on life. In addition, this could lead to depression and a further downward spiral.

The good news is that you can overcome these barriers. I have been there and know how to get through it and flourish. I'm a certified life coach and use Postive Psychology tools to help clients who feel stuck. I use empathy, deep listening and inquiry to discover what is at the core of the challenge. In this group we will be doing experiential exercises to empower you. Facing your fears takes courage and I'm here to support your journey!

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