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This is a meetup group for women aged 30 and up who are learning to code on their own.

I have spent the past year testing my limits and practicing courage in various ways. For many people, trying to learn a new skill is a courageous act, especially if the skill is unrelated to their current skill set. At the moment, I am practicing courage by learning to code on my own, even though I have no prior professional background in web development, math, or science. Why? Because I’ve discovered that coding is fun, and it keeps me fully engaged both analytically and creatively. It could also potentially lead to being able to work remotely and with more flexibility, as well as being able to execute some of my own digital content ideas.

However, coding is also hard, especially when learning on your own, so I’m seeking to connect with other women in their 30's and older who have also recently started this journey. By “learning on your own,” I mean that you are not enrolled in a coding boot camp or a coding-related degree program. Like me, you are probably taking advantage of the numerous online resources available for learning to code (Udemy,, Code Academy, Khan Academy, etc.). To be clear, my goal isn’t necessarily to become a full-time web developer. For me, this is mainly about continuing to learn, grow, challenge myself, practice courage, and remind myself what I’m capable of.

If this resonates with you, let’s meet up to stay motivated, aiming for progress, not perfection.

Meeting time will be spent networking and coworking (as in, working individually on whatever coding courses or resources you’re using to learn to code, so please bring your laptop).

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