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FREE GROUP COACHING for women who want to start a business or improve the one they're in! Are you feeling STUCK but READY for huge success? I'm a Mindset and Career Coach and founder of Your Life, Designed™. I believe in you and your success 110%. These meetups are a way I can be of service to my community so please take advantage of it!

Come prepared to take notes, share your challenges, get massive support, and meet other like minded women!

** What Will Happen Each Meetup **

• We'll create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate success

• Uncover hidden challenges that may be standing in your way

• And leave you feeling renewed, re-energized and inspired to get results faster and easier than you ever thought possible

Sound good?

Of course it does! So what's the catch? IF you love the experience and WHEN you see the results in your life and career, I'll ask you for a testimonial. THAT'S IT! And you're under no obligation to do so, ever!

IF you'd like to work with me more, we can see if we're a good fit for one of my programs or events that will help you get more out of our time together. I may mention these during session wrap ups but I'm not there to sell you on anything. I promise! I just want to make this available to every woman who is trying to live their greatness!

These meetups will be available for a limited time so don't miss out!!

PS... Here's one of my videos "How to Demolish Obstacles with Grace" (read the article to see how I was doing just that while recording!) https://www.beccastarr.com/demolish-obstacles-grace/

PSS.. If you'd like to get started NOW on Achieving Your #1 Goal, download my Free Guide "3 Steps to Goal Success" (you'll need to enter your email and this will also add you to my email list where you'll receive great tips and resources if you choose to) http://goalsuccess.beccastarr.com/free-pdf-3-steps-to-goal-success/

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