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THIS MEETUP IS CLOSED. WE HAVE MERGED WITH THE LA FILM & TV MEETUP AT www.meetup.com/indiefilm- http://img1.meetupstatic.com/img/clear.gif 169/. PLEASE JOIN US!

The Women Helping Women in Entertainment ™MeetUpis an extension of ourorganization, Women Helping Women™in Entertainment Network (WHW) (http://WHWNETWORK.com), which provides unparalleled opportunities for women (and progressive, like-minded men) in the entertainment industry.

WHW exists for the purposeof supporting, assisting, and empowering women in entertainment, and for the mutual benefit, education, support, mentoring, networking, collaboration, employment opportunities, and general career advancement of its members(women and men).

Our mission is to: provide a professional environment that allows WHW members at all levels to network, expand circle of connections, share contacts, build relationships, forge partnerships, hire from within, bond, collaborate, brainstorm, inspire, empower, support, and most of all, reach out to mentor and assist others in realizing their highest potential. We share ideas, resources, and helpmembersat various levels of achievement to network effectivelyand strategize to achieve their career goals.

Our events are fabulous!Our programs foster a non-elitist,supportive environmentthat enablesmembers to make real connections, forge friendships, maintain a positive attitude, and move forwardto the next level. We encourage members to pursue their dreamswith integrity, passion and a sound work ethic!

Whether your interest is in writing, acting, directing, performing, producing, production, music or new media, or any other aspect of the entertainment and related industries; and whether you are a working or aspiring creative or business professional, you've come to the right place!

MEMBERSHIP IN THIS MEETUP IS FREE. However there is an annual fee for membership in our organization, Women Helping Women in Entertainment Network.

Most WHW events and programs are FREE to dues-paying members of the Women Helping Women organization (http://WHWNETWORK.com). Eventsand meetings where WHW dues-paying members, WHW MeetUp members and others can “meetup” are posted here on meetup.com. By joining our MeetUp group, you will receive notices of upcoming meetings, some of which are free or discounted.

If you are employed, or desire to pursue a career, in the entertainment industry and are looking for MEANINGFUL OPPORTUNITIES to SHARE & MOVE AHEAD,and if you would like to be part of the WHW experience, join this meetup today! Be active and start connecting with others right here on MEETUP.COM!

Also, join our parent organization to enjoy ALLof the benefits of being a WHW in Entertainment Network member (http://WHWNETWORK.com).

We serve a diverse, multicultural constituency. Like-minded, progressive men are encouraged to participate.


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