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Small business owners are struggling. Women-owned businesses are even more challenged, and some are being forced to shut their doors; many temporarily and many for good. This group is stepping up to provide a virtual safe space for members to collaborate, share ideas and make referrals to one another.

The Women Business Ignitors Community is designed for women entrepreneurs already in business and focused on scaling their businesses beyond their wildest dreams. It is specifically created to provide a community where women can come together to share expertise, challenge one another to think critically and arrive at better decisions that help grow their businesses.

• Are you already in business that is generating income?
• Struggling with the impact of the pandemic on your business and wanting to learn from others?
• Tired of working alone, and need support from other business owners?
• Want to meet others who may have suggestions and expertise to grow your business?
• Have an idea, but stuck with the execution?
• Do you need suggestions for your project?
• Want people to test your products for free?
• Or just want to have a fun conversation?

We will be hosting monthly Virtual Co-working meetup events exclusively for EBWE members. Our upcoming programs are designed as mastermind sessions for women entrepreneurs that focuses on topics such as:

• Building trusted relationships is critical to business success
• Growing your business during a crisis
• Learning how to grow and learn from mistakes
• Learning to balance business and life in the face of a pandemic
• Managing entrepreneurial doubt
• Creating sustainable Top Line Growth
• Building a team of A-Players dedicated to the growth of your business
• Gaining strategic advantage over competitors
• Developing values-based leadership skills that transforms how you do business
• Finding mentors and champions that help you scale your business
• Accounting and Financial strategies for survival
• Essential Steps to Marketing Your Business
• Leveraging strategic alliances for growth

Here is what to expect during virtual coworking

• Each Session starts with 30 second roundtable introductions
• The topic for the day is presented and discussed
• Each attendee gets up to 3 minutes to present their ASK, GIVE and/or EXCHANGE.
• After we have all had a turn, everyone will get another turn to respond with an offer to Give or Exchange.

Examples of What to Ask, Give and/or Exchange


• Can someone give me a tutorial on the basics I need to know to get started on XXXXXXX
• Can someone brainstorm with me on my new workshop, product or service launch?
• I am looking for referrals for XXXXXX Services or Products?


• I am offering a free Mini-course on (insert your topic).
• I will give up to four complimentary 30-minute coaching sessions for anyone that is launching a new business.
• I will do a private Zoom call or record a video for you, showing you how to (insert your expertise or skill).


• I would like to exchange a 1-hour coaching or business strategy session for XXXXX
• I would like to offer 1-hour of my time to "Ask Me Anything about (my areas of expertise) ".
• Make me an offer of exchange.

Sign up for monthly 1 hour virtual co-working zoom to get to know each other and talk business.

These are intimate free events and open to any woman in business, but registration is limited and required for each event. Feel free to invite friends to the EBWE meetup group.

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Virtual Connect: Women Igniting Businesses

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Virtual Connect: Women Igniting Businesses

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Virtual Connect: Women Igniting Businesses

Online event

Virtual Connect: Women Igniting Businesses

Online event

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