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What if you no longer had to feel alone in your business. Where you can be your own boss and make your own decisions but you can be surrounded by a group of like minded women, with a wealth of experience that can support you, guide you and even spark up friendships!

It's true - welcome to BusiWomen!

Busiwomen has hosted well over 500 locally run Mastermind meetings and networking events for women entrepreneurs.

We're hear to help you, support you and ensure you feel inspired after attending one of our events.

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Online event

Our meetings are now on ZOOM. Please follow the link to find us the third Wed of each month at 9:30 am What if you could... -> build your business with the support of like-minded entrepreneurs... -> use networking strategically to strengthen your referral base and build new relationships... -> strategize and share business tips and tools - because we are stronger together... -> feel the energy and support of a business collective in the Hamilton/Ancaster area... Let's build together! Our meetings support local businesses and grow our local community. Have your 45 sec introduction as well as a notebook and pen ready for a facilitated meeting where everyone has a chance to share, learn, and discuss topics that drive our businesses. We look forward to seeing you!

Women Business Mastermind Meeting

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"I know for sure what we dwell on is what we become" - Oprah Winfrey Are you looking to truly grow your business? Find a place where you belong, somewhere where business is discussed and built while friendships are being formed? If this is what you are looking for, then you may have found it! Our BusiWomen mastermind groups are in high demand. What started out as one chapter has now branched into multiple mastermind groups held in various cities. We have held hundreds of successful mastermind meetings. Many of the women who participated in the very first meeting in 2008 still remain members which makes us believe we are definitely on the right track! BusiWomen masterminds are industry exclusive so you can shine! You are the person we turn to for knowledge, advise and industry expertise. Being non-competitive also enables our members to connect with a diversified group of business women and learn from each other. There is nothing more refreshing than to create a win-win business relationship with someone you now consider a friend. Each meeting is facilitated by Karen Baring, a marketing strategist and business consultant. Karen has always believed in the concept of community. She has utilized her dual degrees in Sociology and City Development from McMaster University along with her professional experience in business development, marketing, professional networking facilitation and making true connections to create thriving and inspiring communities for women entrepreneurs. As a mastermind group member you can expect develop your goal setting, business content, support, and so much more. If you are interested in attending a mastermind group meeting to see if its the right fit for you, please contact Karen to set up a guest meeting. “Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou * Number of people registered is not indicative of the number attending. Each Mastermind groups has approximately 15 women attending.

Discover like minded professionals & mentors because your business is worth it!

• What we'll do Our January 2018 event had 50 women entrepreneurs attend - don't let our really sad numbers on meet-up fool you! Start making connections and investing into your business pipeline and sales funnel. Your future self with thank you. Join us at Meet and Greet - we usually have 30 - 50 women attending our events! Why such a great turn out? Because we understand what women entrepreneurs and professionals need and ensure you there is time allocated to networking, business development, creating 'ah ha' moments and more. We often have people travelling in from Ancaster to Pickering to attend. If it's your first event, don't be shy! Bring a stash of business cards with you and get ready to meet some fabulous like-minded women. All the details and registration is at karenbaring.com, events. Please note you need to fully register for the event at this website. WE WILL HAVE A HOT BREAKFAST WAITING FOR YOU and we can't wait to hear more about you and your business! Sincerely, Karen and the BusiWomen Team • What to bring • Important to know

Don't Miss It! Busiwomen Networking Event (register at karenbaring.com)

Are you starting or building a business and feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are on the Entrepreneurial Hamster Wheel? Are you working hard but not seeing the financial rewards? There are so many women entrepreneurs who fall into the cycle of being re-active instead of pro-active. What if, together, we could help you start: Connecting with like-minded women entrepreneurs to share ideas Create an inventory of money, energy and time Exchange the stress for success BusiWomen is proud to be hosting networking meetings for fabulous and motivated women for more than 8 years! We have facilitated 100s of meetings to support women. We’re in the business development trenches right with you and we know the importance of bringing like-minded women together to connect to build your relationships and learn hands-on business strategies. When it comes to building your business, networking can be a fundamental component to business success! The BusiWomen meet and greet is a fabulous opportunity to get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs. We take pride having developed a meeting that brings education, networking, business information and enjoyment together! And with so many other women attending each meeting, we know you should be walking out of the meeting with a larger exposure to your business than when you walked in. Please note there is as fee for this meeting as it includes a full buffet breakfast. You must register at karenbaring.com under events. Due to the number of attendees we no longer accept payment at the door. If this is your first meet and greet, don't be shy! Here's what you should know: - We have all be there, we know it’s a bit nerve wracking but I promise it’s hard to find a more welcoming environment than this. - RVSP on meet up then sign up at karenbaring.com so we know you are coming - Bring a stash of business cards - Have a sentence or two ready to explain who you are and what you do - Plan to divide and conquer the room and get to meet as many people as possible - You are welcome to bring a guest (female only please), but please make sure they are registered as well. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your business, Karen and the BusiWomen Team Karen Baring

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