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Women In Tech, Nottingham is a monthly meetup for women from all areas of technology and those with an emerging interest in technology.

As we are celebrating the women in our industry, and not aiming to exclude, you can attend no matter what gender you identify with.

The event is for over 18s as we have alcohol and the occasional bit of adult content. We do not mind under 18s attending as long as they are accompanied by an adult - but we cannot take responsibility for anyone under 18. Please contact an organiser if you intend to bring a younger person.

WiT aims to provide attendees with a space where they can network, mingle, share ideas and learn in a comfortable setting. The set-up of the events will vary between talks, fireside chats, workshops and social events with the aim not only to get women to attend events, but also to lead them themselves.

If you are attending please abide by our Code of Conduct (http://www.technottingham.com/code-of-conduct) and Be Excellent To Each Other

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Slack: https://technottingham.slack.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WITNottingham/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WIT_Notts

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Women in Tech March 2019: Lightning Talks!

Accelerate Places

This month the audience rises up and takes control with Lightning Talks! As always, there'll be free drinks and food for all thanks to our fantastic sponsors Commify and JH. Everyone is welcome and there are no tickets required. Just turn up - it's free! Full event details: https://www.technottingham.com/events/wit-march-2019 --------------------------------------------------------- LIGHTNING TALKS: THE AUDIENCE TAKES OVER This is the event where you take control - we'll be running lightning talks and anyone (women and gender minorities preferred - cis men may contribute, but only if there are any gaps - thank you for your understanding!) can speak! What is a Lightning Talk? A lightning talk is a short talk, under five minutes on whatever subject you wish to speak about (Code of Conduct permitting!). At the start of the session the audience has time to come up, write their talk title on a post-it and stick it to the board and those talks make up our evening. If there are too many talks to fit in to the evening, we'll vote on our favourites. For the audience it's a rapid-fire session where you'll learn loads and gain unique insight into the thoughts, ideas and passions of your peers. For speakers it's a unique opportunity to speak your mind, try out a talk idea and boost your confidence in front of a friendly crowd. Since the talks are short, the pressure to prep and polish is low and you can focus on key ideas you want to share. Great lightning talks we've seen: * Lightbulbs and being lazy * How to wing a presentation * When I learned to stop For inspiration, you can see some examples in this blog post (https://link.medium.com/saPHrF5F8T) about a previous Lightning Talks session at WiT Notts and this blog post (https://www.technottingham.com/news/2017/10/13/tech-nottingham-was-struck-by-lightning-and-it-was-awesome) about a previous Lightning Talks session at Tech Nottingham (https://www.technottingham.com). Slides? You may prepare a few slides but it's totally optional, they must be in Powerpoint, Google Slides or Keynote format and be shared on the #wit-lightning-talks channel on the Tech Nottingham Slack group before the talks start (we'll be running them all from the same laptop so we don't waste time doing battle with the TV), or, if you'd prefer, you're most welcome to send them to us privately - email [masked] or DM us on Slack. Helpful Resources We’ve collated various resources (https://www.technottingham.com/speaking-resources) to help you on your speaking journey, from finding that initial idea, to planning and finally delivering your talk. --------------------------------------------------------- We're giving away free stuff! This Month At Women In Tech we'll be giving away a copy of the soon-to-be-released book, Brave, Not Perfect, by Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. Attend and tweet on the #WiTNotts hashtag to be in with a chance of winning this fascinating book! --------------------------------------------------------- Join In With The Nottingham Tech Community Online! http://technottingham.com/slack

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