Hack24 and The 12 Principles of Animation


We return for the first Women In Tech meetup of 2017 at Accelerate Places (https://www.accelerateplaces.com/en/page/nottingham)! Esendex are sponsoring, providing drinks and food and we have exciting talks about:

Hack24 (http://www.hack24.co.uk/#intro) - What is it and is it for me (Hint: yes) - A non-coder's guide to hack events

Created by TechNottingham, Hack24 is Nottingham's hackathon. 24 hours of pure coffee driven creativity. Set in the iconic Nottingham City Council building, local companies sponsor inspiring challenges and participants compete for the fun and the glory.


In this talk you will not only learn more about this fantastic local, community building event - but also what it is like to take part as a non-coder. The hack is for everyone. We really hope to see some of you there, and that some of you might be interested in joining the Women In Tech HackTeam!

About Helen:

Helen is an independent UX consultant and designer leading the creative direction and user experience of product and web design projects. (She is also co-organiser of WiT Nottingham.) She loves coffee and learning new things. Find her on Twitter @littlehelli (https://twitter.com/LittleHelli)

The 12 principles of animation

To give a sequence of images the illusion of life, there are 12 handy principles developed by classic Disney animators. Mair will talk briefly on the history of animation then show how these principles developed for traditional, hand drawn animation are still applied to modern computerised animation and motion design.

About Mair:

Mair Perkins is an animator, children's book illustrator and small business owner based in Derby. Her business specialises in making educational animations and explainer videos. She is also an associate animation lecturer at the University of Derby. She lives in Derby with her husband and four cats. Find her on Twitter @mairperkins (https://twitter.com/mairperkins)

Event Timing:

18:30 Doors open - Help yourself to a drink, get settled, mingle.

19:00 First Talk

19:30 Pizza break

20:00 Second Talk

20:30 That's all folks!

About WiT, Nottingham

We are a monthly meetup for women from all area’s of technology and those with an emerging interest in technology.

As we are celebrating the women in our industry, and not aiming to exclude, the event has a “Bring a Bloke” scheme, meaning each female attendee can bring one male friend if they want to. This keeps a female majority at all times.