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Women only (whether born to, identify as, or transitioned to) the female experience of the world is unique and women want and need "safe places" in which to share those experiences and learn new tools for thriving. This is one of those places.

Women: Are you tired of feeling patronized, or bored, or just plain dumb every time a guy starts talking about (or 'mansplaining') money & finance? Are you worried that you are or, will eventually be left, holding the financial ball -- when you don't know what to do with it? LET'S FIX THAT! A recent financial services study found that women are considerably more likely than men to BELIEVE that they don't know much about money or finance. Yet, when those same women were asked actual financial questions, they were considerably more likely to answer correctly! Women generally live longer than men, have fewer years in the workforce due to child and parent care-taking, have different health care needs, frequently handle the day-to-day household budget, are increasingly primary bread-winners, are starting new businesses in record numbers AND -- research shows that women tend to make steadier investors than men! I expect the group to evolve depending upon the needs and interests of the members, but just for starters I'm thinking of book, movie and current event discussions, invited guests from the financial, academic and psychological worlds, general discussion and socializing, maybe even occasional shopping excursions if anyone discovers a great new resource or special sale events. It doesn't have to be a "man's world" any more if we don't want it to be!

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