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This group is for all Twin Cities metro women 50-years young and older -- and those pushing 50.

Single, married, divorced, separated, engaged. Professionals, stay-at-home moms, and grandmas. Any religious affiliation, any culture, any orientation, and any political ideology. Early-birds and night owls. Coffee sippers and heel kicker-uppers. Extroverts and introverts. Book worms and binge-watchers. The outdoorsy and the indoorsy. Animal lovers and those who never have pet hair on their black clothes. And any other category that isn't represented above. Everyone is welcome.

We hope this group will nurture aquaintanceships that may turn into friendships, common interests that may turn into new social circles, and the idea that sometimes you just might need a little support, fun, and adventure in this fast-paced, exciting, big, vast, amazing, wonderful thing called life.

Everyone who joins will be made an event organizer with the right to create any type of event. There will be no rules as to the type of event because we are all adults. Of course, we ask everyone to respect one another and choose to create events accordingly.

We would like to keep generally taboo topics out of this community like political agendas and Coke vs. Pepsi. But we have created this group to be open and inclusive so you might find others who want to get together to drink only Coke without any purposeful exclusion or offense toward Pepsi drinkers. If you feel that an event is somehow inappropriate, just let the Group Co-Organizers know and our committee of founding members will review it. But be realistic. And please be respectful and kind.

While there may be a small group of founders, this group belongs to the members.

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Dinner in Little Canada

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Walk around Cleary Lake

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Yoga Dance Fusion

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