What we're about


This book club will focus on reading materials around Women & Society. Books can include Women's changing roles, Women's voice, Women's struggles, Women's leadership, Women's Health, Women's Rights,....

Whether a book talk or a "bookless chat"*, individuals are invited to reflect on the book or topic at hand and relate it to our lives, our communities (networks), our society.

Some issues might not just be a "female thing"...therefore the meet up is for everyone! The mission of the group could morph into finding ways to assist each other, organizations, systems and society reform areas that still block us, harass us, frustrate or annoy us, while also finding ways to celebrate what does work in our favor as a gender.

*Bookless chat can be a break, a social event, a happy hour, that is not centered around a book. Could be a topic, article, sentiment etc.


Book club for pre-teens and teens to support the literacy skills development in a non-academic setting. More details coming soon.

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