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Good health and good day to you! This group is for women interested in being well in every way. While some of us in the group may be trying to release body weight, I'm more interested in lightening our stress load and enlightening our lives!

I'm a graduate student earning a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, and love all things wellness. My weight loss journey involved a lot of self-examination, ridding myself of negative self-talk, and managing my stress a whole lot better. It was not primarily about counting points, calories, or fat grams. It was about counting my blessings, my gifts, and my tools for wellness. And then using those gifts and wellness tools for real! My education improved my health and especially my quality of life, and I'm creating these workshops to help other women do the same. I've led a group like this before, and the results for many of us (myself included) were richer lives.

I'll have topics to teach, handouts to use, and experiential exercises to facilitate. Some members of the group have expertise I don't have, so they'll be sharing their expertise too. There will also be time just to talk with one another, reflect, and support one another. This is a model adapted from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C. It's been used to help veterans with PTSD, children living with war trauma in Israel/Palestine's ongoing conflict, women trying to get pregnant, survivors of Hurricane Katrina and natural disasters in Haiti, people overcoming addiction, and many more life issues.

Please understand that because of the Meetup organizer dues, and costs for handouts, teaching materials, travel, and space rental, there will be a small fee for each session. From my previous experiences, I know that the information, insight, and support are life-changing and worth the small investment.

Thank you for taking the time and having the courage to transform your lives using Mind-Body wellness!

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