• Talk Night at 8fit

    8fit GmbH

    Agenda 7:00 pm - Doors open and networking time 7:35 pm - Announcements Talk 1 - Modernizing your frontend: a real life story of a large production application by Nadezhda Kutsenko Talk 2 - Making decentralized tech more accessible: Blockparty, your Secure Scuttlebutt friend by Julia Friesel Talk 3 - Teaching my app to read: the ABCs of text recognition software on mobile by Alex Blair 10pm - End Talks: *Modernizing your frontend: a real life story of a large production application* Have you ever thought about switching your frontend framework or library in your web application to a new one, but your production application was already quite too large? Or you just didn't know where to start and how to manage it without stopping developing new features? In this talk I'll share our successful story with step-by-step guidance of how to modernize your frontend without re-writing your app from scratch. *Making decentralized tech more accessible: Blockparty, your Secure Scuttlebutt friend* I want to introduce Blockparty, a desktop application we built, that makes setting up a decentralized social network for you and your friend easier. In more detail, this talk would comprise the following: What is decentralized tech and Secure Scuttlebutt? Why is it important to make it more accessible? How our project, Blockparty, fits into that picture How we worked on it and what we learned (pair programming, prototype fund, dealing with the unexpected) Speakers: Nadezhda works as a Software Developer @ Fashion Cloud, Hamburg. Interested in sport, fitness and healthy food. @NadiKuts Julia Friesel is a full-stack JavaScript developer with a background in social sciences, these days I work freelance. @jfr3000 Alex Blair, Mobile Developer at 8fit Originally from New Zealand, she made a career change from a commercial lawyer to a developer through an 18-week web development bootcamp. After finishing the bootcamp, Alex moved to Berlin and joined a real estate startup as a React Native developer. Now she's part of the mobile development team at 8fit, working to improve the onboarding experience for new users. Host: 8fit has helped over 10 million people worldwide on their path to fitness, and they’re sustaining the positive changes they’ve made. We make it simple with hundreds of healthy recipes and workouts designed to be done at home.

  • Hack Evening


    In our biweekly Hack Evenings we provide a safe space to improve your programming skills! Don't forget your computer! It is not programming language or technology specific - if you are eager to spend time improving your coding skills, working on a side project or you have fun mentoring others, you are welcome to join! When you get stuck with something - more experienced members can jump in and help. The agenda for the evening: 6:30pm - Networking: get yourself a drink and a snack 6:50pm - Short introduction round so everybody can know your name, what you do and what will be your focus during the event. 7:00pm - Coding time: individually or in groups, members are working on projects / courses / coding exercises You can also join our collaborative project, if you're curious check the README and the contributing rules - for the backend: https://github.com/WomenWhoCode/berlin-issues-explorer-be - for the frontend: https://github.com/WomenWhoCode/berlin-issues-explorer-fe Not sure what to focus on for the evening? A list of learning resources for different programming languages and ideas for small projects can be found here: https://github.com/WomenWhoCode/Berlin/tree/master/hack-evenings Stay in touch with the community! Join our slack: https://join.slack.com/t/wwcode-hacknights/shared_invite/enQtMzQwNTg0NTIwMTYyLWJmYjg1YzFlM2RlMjEzNTNlNjQ3OTk5NGNhMGM4NjgxYzllMmQ4Y2ZiYjBiYWIyZjM2YWQ2NzYwYThhNjNiOWU In order to make our events inclusive and a safe place for people to come learn, we do not tolerate harassment of members or event participants in any form. Please refer to the WWC Code of Conduct which can be found here: https://www.womenwhocode.com/codeofconduct About our host: "With empathy, transparency and a bit of magic, we are building products beyond the scope of the traditional Volkswagen core business in order to create a new digital ecosystem for the group's brands. The Volkswagen Digital:Lab philosophy resembles a new kind of cooperation. We strongly believe in low-hierarchy and equality-based culture." Join their team: https://karriere.volkswagen.de/sap/bc/bsp/sap/zvw_hcmx_ui_ext/?filterId=8EE9983996021EE8B2E493F412B414E3

  • Talk Night at IDAGIO

    Tempelhofer Ufer 17

    Agenda 7:00 pm - Doors open and networking time 7:35 pm - Announcements Talk 1 - Using Jupyter Notebook to prototype alternatives for the “popularity” sorting algorithms by Carole Lavillonnière Talk 2 - TBA Talk 3 - TBA 10pm - End Talks: Speakers: Carole works as a Backend Engineer @ IDAGIO. Host: IDAGIO is the leading streaming service for classical music. Crafted in Berlin by a world-class team of almost 100 passionate experts in music, technology, business and design. IDAGIO offers a search tailor-made for classical music, a catalogue of over 2 million licensed tracks, and exclusive recordings and playlists – all available in CD-quality sound (FLAC). Each artist, orchestra and ensemble has a clear profile displaying albums and recorded works including filters like composer, conductor, soloists and more. IDAGIO has subscribers in over 180 countries and the app has been downloaded more than one million times worldwide.