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Women Who Code Berlin
Women Who Code Berlin
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Women and femme coders will talk about more advanced topics in programming. We'll have two lightning talks and one longer talk (30 minutes).

The agenda for the evening:

7:00pm - Start: get yourself a drink and a snack

7:20pm - Community Announcements

7:30pm - #shipit! Shipping a small Elixir app from first commit to live by Franka P Schmidt

8:00pm - Break

8:15 pm - Introduction to Flexbox by Alicia Bozyk

8:30pm - Security and your (web) application by Lidija Coha

About the speakers:

Franka is a software developer living in Berlin, also organising ClojureBridge workshops.

In this talk she will tell you about shipping a small side-project app, all the way from idea, to first commit to production. In the process she learned a lot of small and random things about software development she'd like to share: that sometimes done is better than perfect, that shipping a small thing can teach you many things to round out your skill set, and finally how she made the app work in Phoenix and Elixir. Her twitter handle is @franschm

Alicia is a software engineer at Pivotal Labs. Prior to Pivotal Labs, she worked at Rent the Runway and Goldman Sachs. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and rock climbing.

Introduction to Flexbox: CSS Flexible Box Layout (flexbox) is a css layout mode that allows for responsive elements within a container. Child elements using flexbox can be laid out in any direction and have flexible dimensions to adapt to the display space. Most developers will find the flexbox model easier to use than block or inline layouts. This talk will demonstrate flexbox concepts and vocabulary using visual demonstrations.

Lidija is a Software engineer and enthusiast who specializes in web application development.
Currently a proud member of GetYourGuide family.

The intention is to raise awareness about security issues in applications. General talk with examples targeted at web applications.
Based on OWASP (the free and open software security community) recommendations.

Want to speak? let us know: berlin[at]

About our host:

We'll be hosted by GetYourGuide (