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7:00 pm - Come in
7:35 pm - Announcements

Talk 1 - Supporting Each Other: Growth for Juniors and Seniors by Lara Martin
Talk 2 - tbd by Emna Amor
Talk 3 - Data Ethics – Is this a hype? by Miruna Popa
10pm - End

*Supporting Each Other: Growth for Juniors and Seniors*
Bringing Junior developers into your team can be a challenge. But mentoring can benefit both sides. Come and learn how juniors and seniors can support each other and grow together.

*Data Ethics – Is this a hype?*
I’m paranoid by nature and a dystopian debater, so I looked closer at the discussions around Data Ethics for a while. I believe we have the choice to choose which direction we want our future to go in. You’re going to get a quick summary of what’s going on in this area, and a space to discuss solutions. Let’s talk.

Lara Martin is a self-made Android developer based in Berlin. Her passion for Android made her transition from her background in science to software development. Her dream is to make apps more accessible for everyone. @lariki

Emna Amor is a Data Scientist with a passion for solving problems of all kinds and different types of data. She comes from computer engineering which means that she is pretty comfortable with many programming languages, but also have a good and extensive background in math, calculus and statistics. Now she is mostly focused in deep
learning problem like image classification, tagging, object detection and even using them in natural language processing.

Miruna Popa is a Data Scientist who wears many hats (figuratively, that is), with 4 year experience, and Python as her main tool. She's worked in a few startups in the past, and just started at King. (Un)comfortable with ambiguous data, but prepared to nail it down to something that drives a decision, if you have the patience for her questions.

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