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Women Who Code Brisbane
Women Who Code Brisbane
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Level 19 127 Creek St. · Brisbane

How to find us

Building doors and public lift access close at 6pm. If you find yourself locked outside or can't reach level 19, call the Thoughtworks office at (07) 3129 4506

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Back in October last year, a challenge was issued. A challenge for the brave to speak in front of a meetup for the first time. The March meetup is the chance to come and support and celebrate the effort these new speakers.

A huge shoutout to Vanessa Love who has been running speaker training for the last three months - this is her first graduating cohort!

6pm: Networking, food and drinks
6.20pm: Announcements
6.30pm: Our amazing new speakers!

Dinner and drinks provided by ThoughtWorks. Thank you, ThoughtWorks, for your continued support!

Q: I don't identify as female, may I come along?
A: Yes! The more the merrier, as long as you are the guest of a female attendee. Don't know anyone coming along? Bring a female friend or colleague to introduce to the group, we promise you'll have fun! 😄

Talk Info

👩‍💻Maisie Vuong (feat. Lionell Pack)
"Drawing for Developers"

There is a stereotype that tech people are terrible at drawing. There are many reasons why some people and drawing never really clicked. Some may have been put off by unsavoury comments in childhood or it had genuinely never really interested them then… but they are now. So how do you become good at drawing if you were never really a drawer to begin with?

Maisie Vuong and Lionell Pack are two such people involved in both the developer and art communities. They possess insider knowledge of both these experiences, and would like to share their journey as digital artists. They will elaborate on drawing techniques that have helped them over the years while also drawing surprising parallels between the art and tech community.

👩‍💻Marina d’Amico
"How to deliver great products on time"

How can we be agile, pivot when required, deliver great products customers need while at the same time meet timelines and stay on budget? Often the work is underestimated, requirements change, new issues require immediate attention, yet deadlines and budget remain the same.

I am a Senior Business Analyst at CoreLogic and a certified Scrum Master. I have been working with development teams for the past 7.5 years delivering, fixing and improving products. In this talk, I won’t be giving you the solution I wish I had. I will instead share some of the practices I have adopted in the teams I worked with. These are small and practical changes you can try within your team to help you deliver great products without running out of time or resources.

👩‍💻Jessica Williams
"Cyber Security Career Pathways"

As a computer science student I know it can be very difficult to gain a clear understanding of what our careers could look like, especially in the secretive world of cyber security. I’m not just a student though. I have also been working as a cyber security recruiter.

Currently I’m working within multiple industries from massive mining companies to boutique IT security consultancies. I’ll be showing you how pen testers, architects, engineers and auditors fit into cyber security and the paths they take to get there. When we say pen testers, don’t bring your biros.

👩‍💻Tharanga (Teej) Kasthuriarachchi
"How networking paid off"

The job market can be really daunting when you’re trying to find your first job in the industry. You can keep sending off applications without ever hearing back from employers. As a junior, you also don’t have experience in a certain language, say C# or Python. I know because I did the same until I got my current job.

I am a Junior Software Engineer at MAXART. I’m here to share my story with you about how I got my job. The secret to my success is something you may not expect - it’s networking!