"Keep it small, do it right” - Cintamani Puddu

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We will have two talks on the evening!

Talk 1 outline
Iterative and incremental development in practice. The do and don'ts [by Cintamani Puddu]

Talk 2 outline
A button to pause time: how to live outside the clock [by Sal Freudenberg and Clare Sudbery

How does time impact on your working day? Would you like to hack time and live outside the clock? The answer is likely to be yes.

In October 2018, Sal and Clare took an all-female team to Hack Manchester, built a time machine and won Best in Show. They are now taking their time machine on tour: You too can press the button and stop time. Have a nap, play tricks on your friends, or force the trains to be on time.

Seriously though, repeated research has suggested the straitjacket of standard working hours does us all no good at all. Nor does the “always on” culture perpetuated by the speed of innovation and delivery in the world of software development. Yet we are all still stuck in our rigid working cultures. This light-hearted talk has a serious message: Don’t assume your teams have to be imprisoned by time. Try a little experimentation and see what a difference you can make when you play with expectations and give your people some time-based freedom.

Time travel for the win!

About Sal Freudenberg
Dr. Sal Freudenberg is the Chief Being Sal Officer at Cucumber Ltd and has a PhD in the Psychology of Collaborative Software Development. Sal is also the co-founder of the Inclusive Collaboration Campaign and when she’s not hacking or strategizing she is busy raising awareness of the benefits of neurodiversity and helping the industry begin to understand how to support and include every kind of brain.

About Clare Sudbery
Clare Sudbery is a lead consultant developer with ThoughtWorks. She is a maths graduate with 19 years of software engineering experience, and a particular interest in teaching and mentoring, encouraging more women into IT and banishing impostor syndrome.

Seven years ago she returned to IT with a sigh of relief after a few years as a high school maths teacher. Since then she has embraced all things XP. She is on a mission to awaken the inner geek in clever women (and men) everywhere. Clare is a published novelist, and regularly blogs at https://medium.com/a-woman-in-technology and https://insimpleterms.blog/. She loves her job.