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Python Lab: Data Control Flow

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Our Python Labs are appropriate for WWC (or future WWC) at any skill level who wish to learn more about the Python programming language!

During this Python Lab we will learn about Data Control Flow. What is that?

Ever looked at a problem and say I know the solution to this but then ask yourself how to I code this. How do I evaluate the condition and then depending on the result, go on to the next step? You control your data flow. By using an IF statement to evaluate the condition, TRUE or FALSE (results) to go to next step. Sometimes the conditional statement can become more complex with the addition of AND, OR, == (equals), and <= (less or equal to). At this Python meet up, will do a step by step coding of the function describe below:

Triangle Classification Algorithm

The Triangle Classification Algorithm accepts 3 integer lengths and returns a value of 1,2,3 or 4. The three lengths represent the possible lengths to the side of a triangle. The program will calculate the type of triangle that will be formed with the lengths. Returned values are:

1 = sides will form a scalene triangle
2 = sides will form an isosceles triangle
3 = sides will form an equilateral triangle
4 = sides cannot form a triangle

NOTE: This algorithm example comes from Python course from University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

Please bring a laptop and be on time :) If you don't have Python installed please come 5-10 min early and we can get you set up!

Our classroom space is limited, so we would appreciate it if you RSVP "yes" only if you're coming, and update your RSVP if you can no longer attend. No-shows will be tracked, and repeated no-shows will be removed from the attendance list of future classes. Thank you!

This event is intended to be exclusively open for women; we are trans* friendly.